Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dometic Classic Absorption Refer

When we arrived in Mesa, AZ last Monday to visit our good Newell friends, Tom and Darlene McCloud, and to "let" Tom help me with some nagging issues with the coach, I suggested that we wait until the following Saturday to remove and replace our old Dometic absorption refrigerator, so we we have an entire day of daylight to get it done. During the week, as I have posted, we accomplished a number of tasks on my list, but that involved a lot of night work as Tom has a real job that he must be present for M-F, but it worked out well. So, Saturday morning comes and it is time to really remove the old "refer" and install the new one. One of my life long mottos (although, from time to time I fail to follow it) is if it is not broke, don't try to fix it. Our old "refer" is 30 years old in 2 weeks, and, therefore, it could be considered by a reasonable person to be a ticking time bomb. Nothing worse than waking up on the road, far from home, and find that the refer has passed on during the night whilst you slept. Then comes the scramble to locate a replacement, and have it installed. Very inconvenient, and usually very expensive. Fortunately for us Tom had removed his Dometic Classic Automatic (a much, much newer version of our old Dometic) in order to install a regular household 110 volt refer in his 1990 Newell. I asked Tom what his plans were for the perfectly good refer he had just removed and he said he was going to dispose of it. I said I was interested, and he agreed to give it to me if I would come to Mesa, AZ. WOW! What a great offer.

Well, we installed that new refer yesterday, and it did take most of the daylight hours to get it done, but it works great. Now I don't have to remember to open the refer door and change it from electric (when we unplug) to gas, or visa does that automatically for LESS thing to remember.....yeah!

After we got cleaned up, and presentable again Tom took us out to Texas Roadhouse for a steak dinner, and what a great dinner and conversation! Thanks Tom and Darlene!

We have a couple of other minor issues to troubleshoot in the next couple of days, but we expect that we will be pulling anchor by Wednesday at the latest. We will hate leaving our friends, as we have had a great time spending time with them.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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