Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finishing up

When we arrived in Mesa, Az I had a list of 7 major things to fix before we left....I'm down to two, and they are minor issues that I could live with if I can't get them fixed, but I will give them another shot tomorrow.....the tachometer stopped working on our trip back from Santa Fe a year ago, and the latch on the front door that doesn't allow the door to close flush with the outside. It is flush when we throw the deadbolt, but when the deadbolt is open the door has a little play in it.

We are waiting for two items that should be delivered in the next couple of days. First, we ordered new front panels for the new Dometic. What you see in the pictures is the foil covering , which is were the panels would cover up. We ordered black Dometic panels from Campingworld. Secondly, I have ordered 2 addtional LED brake lights that were shipped today, and should be in Thursday. So, by Friday we should be on the road again.

Today I fixed three switches up front....one for the docking lights which melted down as we were parking the coach in front of our friend's home, and second were the two switches (on/off and momentary) that control the cruise control, which stopped working three days before we arrived. Looks like I have restored power to the cruise control, so all that remains is to road test it.

As I write it has started to rain.....never got above 56 degrees today.....brrrrr!

Tomorrow I will have to lower the rear hitch height which is now too high since we replaced the solenoids! It's a problem that I'm happy to have to solve. Nice to have the rear of the coach at the correct height now!

That's the update, and now I hear the dinner bell ringing. Thanks for stopping by!!

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