Thursday, February 9, 2012

Leak No More!!!

11:01PM - Thursday, February 9th

The end of a very long day, but you should see the smile on my face.....I purchased the
additional solenoid leveling valves for the suspension/leveling system....there are six in all for
can be detected by human ears. We lowered and raised the coach several times and all is good!
Before Tom got home from work I converted the rear of the coach. Tom McCloud and I sat on his garage floor for several hours disassembling and reassembling the 6 valves. Tom took a picture of everything before we
removed it and began "fixing it", and printed a blowup of it so we would be able see what it
used to look like, where all the hoses went, and where all the wires connected. We started
around 6pm, and finished just shy of there are no air least that2 more fluorescent light fixtures to LED's....3 to go. Also did some more rearranging of things in the trailer.....slowly but surely getting the
storage figured out. The early part of the day was spent driving up to north Phoenix to get the
additional solenoid valves to fix the rear suspension, and rid our lives of air leaks! Tomorrow
several small projects, and then Saturday we will swap out refrigerators. Life is good!

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