Friday, February 17, 2012

Leaving Encanto.....

The street where we were parked for 11 days is called Encanto Street in Mesa, AZ. We were planning on leaving Wednesday after we received a shipment from CampingWorld, but as it turns out CampingWorld did not ship our item until Wednesday! It was ordered on the phone Monday morning, and we paid for 2 day shipping! It finally was supposed to be delivered this afternoon, but I called and got them to hold it off the truck so we could pick it up in Tempe on our way out of town on I-10. We left our friend's home around 10am, but got just two blocks when I noticed the air pressure was spiking over 150's supposed to bleed off pressure when it hits 120 we limped back to Tom and Darlene's home while pumping the brakes to lower the air pressure. I called Tom at work and he suggested I call his Detroit Diesel mechanic, Leo. I did, and Leo immediately diagnosed the problem as a bad pressure regulator on the mechanical air compressor mounted on the "back" of the engine, which actually faces forward. I stopped by his shop after picking up our CampingWorld item, which, it turns out was the WRONG ITEM!!!! UGHHH!! At any rate Leo sold me the replacement valve, showed me where to find it on the 6V92 and we headed back to Encanto Street.....Tom arrived home from work just about the time we got there....2pm. Within an hour I was able to remove and replace the faulty pressure regulator while Tom supervised, and offered encouragement in his street clothes. We were finally able to depart Encanto Street at 3pm, and finally reached Benzon, AZ around 6:3opm. On top of that our drive here was totally uneventful....the way it should be, right?

A pleasant turn of cruise control does work again after replacing the on/off switch, and the "momentary" switch that is used to set the speed, and resume speed! I love cruise control and I am so happy our fix worked! I hadn't had time to road test it before we left, so when I turned it on and was able to set the speed and feel it take over I let out a little whoop, and gave Elaine a high 5!! Along with that fix the new Mak air valves work wonderfully, the new fridge continues to work flawlessly, and the brake/turn signals work great!!! I even had running lights all the way around tonite! And, and, and the LED lights are fantastic!

Tomorrow hope to get across New Mexico and deep into Texas, and by Sunday afternoon hope to be in Bullard, TX (south of Tyler) to visit with family, and then on to Austin by the 27th to see more family, and to visit with some more Newell friends.

That's it for am I tired! Time to hit the sack...tomorrow will be a long day! Thanks for stopping by!

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