Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The white building in the center is the Amazon building

As we have treked northward to my sister's home in Chelsea, MI we decided why not visit Campbellsville, KY where we will spend two months later this year working at the Amazon Fulfillment center.  So, we did!  We are both very glad we took time to deviate off I-65 and take a tour of the facility, and inspect the campground where we will spend two months.  The tour of the one million square foot facility was amazing.  We got to go through the areas where we will spend our time.  One job we may do is "stowing", which is what it implies.....you put items received in bins where they will later be retrieved to fill orders.  The other is "picking" where you go to those bins to "pick" the items to be shipped out to "fulfill" online orders.  Automation dominates this facility.  Virtually everyone working there uses a handheld Motorola scanner.  Every item is tracked using these scanners.  At least now when we arrive as "newbies" in October we will have a general idea of what to expect.

After our tour we spent part of the afternoon driving around to each of the campgrounds that provide Amazon worker campers with a place to park their RV for the time they are here.  Amazon pays the RV park fee, which covers the site, and utilities.  The camper is responsible for their own propane usage.  We first went to the park where we got our reservation a couple of months ago.  We are glad we did, because we were not at all happy with the layout and location.  After touring 4 others we settled on Green River Stables which has 100' long sites where we can keep our trailer with us, and still hooked up if we wish.  Plus it is near Green River Lake State Park which has hiking, biking and mountain biking trails......less than a 1/4 mile away....perfect for our off days.

While we were in Campbellsville we visited two local Mexican restaurants.  The first night, Sunday, we visisted Garcia's, which came "highly" recommended both by reviews on Yahoo, and word of mouth.  We could not have been more disappointed in the food and service.  To make things worse, and this was not Garcia's fault.....local "blue" laws prohibit the sale of alcholol on Sunday....what is a Mexican dinner without Dos Equis Amber?  At any rate the food was way underseasoned, and quite bland, and there were NO condiments on the table to improve the taste.  The service was lackluster, and the final indignity was they temporarily lost my debit card when I paid my bill....it was found after 5 minutes lying on the floor. Last night, Molnday, we went to Fiesta Mexico, which was the complete opposite of Garcia's.  Great service, nicely seasoned food, a caddy of the various condiments you would expect in a Mexican restaurant, and beer!  The chips and salsa were great!  We will return!

Today, Tuesday, we are off again northward bound.  We'll probably get as far as Indianapolis today, where we will top off our diesel tank.....we won't see diesel prices in this range (3.70's) for a while.

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  1. Glad you got a good campsite...but from what I hear you won't be spending your days off hiking but soaking your feet and sleeping! Definitely try to "train" for this event in advance. From what others say it takes about a month to get used to the long hours on your feet, and back breaking labor so if you guys prepare for that you'll be handling it like pros! Definitely keep us posted!!

  2. Hi Debby.....initially we'll be doing 4 10 hour days with 3 off while we get up to speed. You're right that we will probably be beat at the end of each work day, but I'm hoping I'll feel like getting out on my bike on our days off. No plans to ride on days we're working...haha! We've already started training for our tour of duty. Enjoy Savannah when you get there!


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