Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stuart - Day 2

Our bike route for Sunday

When we first conceived this multi-year adventure the foremost objective was to see as much of America as we could. The unexpected bi-product of this journey is the people we are meeting. More on that later.

Our original plan for our second day in Stuart was to go kayaking, but as we got ourselves moving Elaine and I decided a bike ride was in order. I needed a haircut, and there happened to be a Supercuts on the bike route we had chosen. Our plan was to ride up Highway 1 (Federal Highway) to the Stuart Causeway (Ocean) junction where Supercuts is located, get the haircust and then continue on the 31 mile loop over to Hutchinson Island, north to Jensen Beach, and then back down. Supercuts was only 5 miles into our ride, so it was perfect. Now, I've been frequenting Supercuts since 1984, and the way it has worked is you just show up, wait 10-15 minutes and you get a haircut. At this Supercuts, apparently on Saturdays you need an appointment. We arrived at the salon around 11:40am, and the polite young lady informed me that they were booked until after 12:30pm.........well, that's not enough time to ride over to the island (5 miles), north 3 miles to the Jensen bridge, and then back....about 19 miles....that would take about an hour and a half if we didn't stop for refreshments, as we always do. So I said "OK", put me down for 12:45pm, and we took off......our revised route was to ride over to Hutchinson Island, get a sandwich, or something, and then get back to Supercuts....all in just an hour....about 10 miles round trip.

We were looking for some good exercise, and we got it. There are two long, tall bridges that connect to the island, and not only did we have to cross and climb them once, but a second time on our way back to Supercuts.

The first of two bridges

We found a nice market/deli just over the second bridge directly across from the Hutchinson Island Marriott and pulled in there to get a 6" sub and some soft drinks......they had al fresco dining, which was perfect. By the time we got our "sub" built we had 10 minutes to relax and eat, and then make the 20 minute dash back across the two bridges to Supercuts. We got there with 2 minutes to spare. I got a great shampoo and haircut....I think I even dozed off for a few minutes it was so relaxing!

We had barely ridden 1/2 a block on our way back home when I saw a Starbucks off to the right and decided it was time for a Mocha Frappuccino, and we pulled in.....thank you Elaine for bearing with!

We quickly covered the 5 miles to our "home" for the week, and we retraced our path in about 20 minutes to our friend's home. Our hosts for the week, Ernie and Carol, had planned to have a Mexican fiesta way before they knew our arrival date, and so we were treated to some amazing dishes last night prepared by Carol's loving hands, as well as an introduction to some of their friends, and this is what I was referring to earlier....the really interesting people we are meeting on our journey. The party started around 6:30pm, and before we knew it 10pm had rolled around. There was non-stop conversation the entire time.....we spent time talking with Joy who was visiting one of the couples who attended the party, and she and her husband have been sailing up and down the east coast using mostly the Intra coastal waterway in their 39 foot sloop rigged sailboat.....doing basically what we are doing, but on water. They live in Ohio near Lake Erie and can sail all the way to the Atlantic Ocean via canals, locks, etc., and down the coast to the Florida Keys.

Our host, Ernie, calls his backyard screened in patio area "Paradise Club", and he has done a wonderful, imaginative job of creating a Margaritaville type atmosphere.

My pictures do not do this backyard paradise justice

It was a wonderful night of Mexican "Banda" music playing in the back ground, chili poppers, quesadillas, enchiladas, chips, quacomole, margaritas, and great conversation with very interesting people. I think long after our journey ends, whenever that may be, it will be the people we have met along the way that will fill our memories. In the end, this journey would be a hollow one without the people we have met, and their fascinating life stories. You really don't know what anyone is about until you sit down and hear their story. It is the sum off all the life experiences that makes them who they are today. You find that very few have had an easy life, but almost everyone has an interesting story, but until you get beneath the surface you really don't know anyone.

That was our 2nd day in Stuart......tomorrow kayaking!

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