Monday, April 30, 2012

Every other day....

A piece of my past.....

It seems that every other day since we arrived in Michigan it has rained, and every other day it has been sunny.  Sunday was not only sunny, but a warm.  I spent the morning working on straightening out the damage I had done to the tool box mounted on the front of my trailer when I "pinched" it backing into the parking place in Ranburne, AL.  With my brother-in-law's metal modeling tools I was able to pretty much straighten out the damage and make the box look somewhat normal again.  

After that was finished Elliott, my aforementioned brother-in-law, invited me on a bike ride. He has a 11.6 mile loop he does through the local countryside.  It was a much nicer loop than the one I did a few days ago.....much less traffic!  A little local knowledge makes a big difference.  We pounded out the 11.6 miles at an average speed of around 15mph.

Later on in the afternoon Elliott came up to the barn and began the finishing touches on a 1968 Honda S90 he has been doing a partial 50% restoration on.  When we arrived last Thursday, this bike was mostly disassembled, but Sunday was the day it would all be put back together and started.  I spent a lot of time in the mid 60's riding around on a Honda identical to this one, so this was a very nostalgic afternoon for me.  After a few hours it was time to take the bike outside and kick start it.....of course it started right up!  After warming it up Elliott asked me the magic question I had been waiting to hear since we arrived here....."would you like to take it for a ride?"......of course I would.  I quickly put on a helmet and headed down the local country road for a couple of was like I was transported back to 1965 and I felt like I was 16 again...for just a few minutes.  The Super 90 ran smooth as silk down the highway.  This 90cc bike was a big seller for Honda for many years in the 60's.....I think my friend's cost him around $500 in 1965.

Almost done....

Kick starting the Honda Super 90

Later on that evening Elliott fired up the BBQ and grilled some salmon for dinner.

To cap off the day we had a bonfire an invited some of the neighbors over.  I smoked a cigar, and sipped a little Scotch.....a nice end to a very nice sunny day!  The picture below was taken at almost doesn't get dark until almost 9pm here.

Well that was our sunny doubt tomorrow it will rain!  Thanks for stopping by!

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