Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goodbye Hoosier State hello "Pure" Michigan

Our view this morning....

Since Tuesday we have continued our travel north on I-65 through Louisville, KY and into Indiana, and now find ourselves just over the border into Michigan as I write (I finished this post later in the day from our destination for the day....Chelsea, MI).

Tuesday morning we aimed to depart Campbellsville, KY around 10am, but ended up leaving around 10:20am.  We had come in on Sunday to Heartland RV Park and were told over the phone by the owner to "just pick a spot and I'll be by in the next couple of days to settle up with you".  Well he finally came by Tuesday morning as we were getting ready to leave.....I wasn't going to leave until we took care of our business with the owner, but I was beginning to wonder if he was coming.  There was another RV that was in the same fix, but we paid our $20/day.....very reasonable to be sure, and were on our way.  We took the 210 Bypass road out of Campbellsville, and were very pleasantly surprised with the quality of this two way highway, and found ourselves back on the interstate in no time at all.

Our overnight spot Wednesday

We drove northbound on I-65 to Indianapolis, IN where we fueled up at a Flying J, and then changed over to I-64 to continue north to Anderson, IN where we had found a nice Cracker Barrel to park behind this night.  We were joined by three other motorhomes in the parking lot, including to pretty new Prevosts.  The evening was uneventful, and very quiet.

 Kentucky countryside


 Bridge on the norhside of Louisville

Indiana rain..

Our goal Wednesday was around 133 miles north just into southern Michigan at Coldwater Lake.  A fellow Newell owner had contacted us through the Newell Classic website ( and invited us to stay on their property  for the evening and out to dinner.  Our hosts were Larry and Vanessa Weikart.  I can't say enough about Newell owners......they really roll out the red carpet, and Larry and Vanessa are no exception.  They have a nice lakefront home on Iyopawa Island.  The barn pictured above is located off  the island on farm land they own.  We were provided with a 50amp power outlet to power our coach's systems overnight.  Larry picked us up at the barn and drove us over to their home for cocktails, and then out to dinner at local bar with live entertainment....what a great evening of music and conversation!  This morning Larry picked us up again and took us to breakfast in town at Goodie Shop....a great local breakfast/lunch eatery.  Wonderful biscuits and gravy!  Thank you again Larry and Vanessa for your hospitality!

After breakfast we again rolled the wheels east on Michigan 12 to Michigan 52 north into Chelsea, MI to my sister's home which is about 2 miles outside of Chelsea on the north side.  We chose Michigan 12 and 52 which helped us skirt the ubiquitous Interstate construction we find everywhere.  We parked the coach for a few minutes on the dirt road that runs along their property (Waterloo) and walked up to their barn to inspect the approach, and to see if there was enough room to park the coach and trailer in front of the barn.  It looked to me like it would fit, and a few minutes later after driving the coach and trailer up the hill I confirmed I was right.  The coach is on a perfectly level spot with a nice view of Jill and Elliott's property....more country living!

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