Friday, April 6, 2012

Garden Shower

My friend, Ernie, has built this wonderful outdoor bathroom/shower that he calls the Garden Shower...right next to the Paradise Club. This is where Elaine and I have been taking showers while we have been here. Since we do not have a sewer hookup we have taken advantage of this outdoor facility to avoid putting too much water in our gray tank too quickly. I cannot tell you what a great experience it is to take a shower in an open air stall. You can feel the breeze coming through the fencing, and see the clouds passing overhead as you enjoy a refreshing shower. Ernie's wife, Carol, has added wonderful painted artwork to the walls, along with quaint antique signs, license plates and other interesting bric-a-brac.

I apparently hurt my back taking the ice chest off the boat on Wednesday, so I spent most of Thursday just taking at easy, catching up on some office work, taking a couple of business calls, taking a long nap, and then watching wall to wall coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament held in Augusta, GA in the afternoon. To attend this tournament is one of the items on my bucket list. I checked into getting tickets, but found that I started too late, and also discovered that they are VERY EXPENSIVE! I would just love to attend one round and walk the course following a foursome. This is one of my favorite sporting events to watch. I love this golf course, and still remember Jack Nicklaus winning his last green jacket in 1986 when everyone thought he was over the hill. One of the great sports moments in my lifetime......just barely behind the 1988 Dodgers beating the Oakland A's in game one of the World Series on Kirk Gibson's walk off homerun.

Elaine and I caught up on some of our recorded shows on the DVR last night, and hit the sack around 11:30pm. A very nice laid back day to be sure! We are still awaiting news from DirecTV that we can change from the West Coast feed to the East Coast feed. I called them yesterday to find out our status and was advised they never received my FAX, so today I mailed the paperwork to them, and reFAX'd it.

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