Monday, July 30, 2012

World's Longest Beach

The last time we came through the Olympic Peninsula we just waived at Long Beach, WA as we turned left to continue on HWY 101.  This time we determined that we wanted to spend at least a day in this cool seaside town that boasts on it's sign (above) that this is the "World's Longest Beach", but according to Wikipedia that honor belongs to a beach in Bangledesh.  Since it is the height of the summer season, and the website for the park we wanted to stay at required reservations I broke down and called a day ahead and got a reservation with no guaranteed site.  I knew we would have to drop the trailer again, but we wanted to stay near the ocean on our last night in Washington.

Daybreak Monday, unlike Sunday, was sans fog, and the temperature was balmy.....I use that word advisedly as the definition of balmy along the Washington coast is very me it seemed!  We wanted to get an early start as the park we were destined for had a large club of 40' Class A motorhomes coming in, and if I wanted to get a site that worked for me I needed to get there early.  Pacific Holiday RV Resort assigns the pull throughs on a need basis.  The distance was only 45 miles, so this would be our shortest one day drive of our adventure.  I didn't say easy, just short.  I think we hit 55mph a few times, but spent most of our time around 40mph due to the windy, twisty nature of the road.  I wish I could have enjoyed the view more, but I kept my eyes riveted to the road, and multiple NARROW bridges....why is it every time you hit a narrow bridge a logging truck going the other way hits it at the same time?

We ate a quick breakfast of dry cereal, and hit the road by 9am headed southwest on HWY 101.  We were just south of South Bend when it began to rain, and it rained all the way to Long Beach.  We made it to the RV park by 10:20am (although it seemed like it took 3 hours) and were quickly checked into our spot, #30.  Directly behind our spot is the dry camping section, and "they" had me drop the trailer there directly behind our coach, just on the other side of the interior road....perfect!

Just seconds before it began to rain

After hooking up our water, electric and sewer (need to dump the black tank tomorrow) we took a walk down to the beach.  This is the first time since Florida that we have had our toes in the sand at the beach.   We had barely taken a couple of pictures when it started sprinkling, so we beat a hasty retreat back to the coach, and quickly put the patio awning out.  By 3pm it had stopped raining, so we got the bikes out and took a ride into town to do some grocery shopping.  We have found we like shopping for our dinner meal each day...that way we don't have to plan very far ahead, but can go with what strikes our fancy from day today.  The local IGA market was about 4 miles back into town, but the road had a nice shoulder, which made it easier to tolerate the large traffic volume one would expect at this time of year in a beach resort town.  Today our fancy dictated fresh salmon, corn, and potatoes.   After stowing our dinner in our panniers we headed back to a place called Scoopers....a cool icecream place that boasts 48 flavors, and they indeed do!  I got one scoop of black cherry, and one scoop of "death by chocolate"....WOW!!

The ride back was quick and uneventful, and we arrived back at our "home" around 5pm.  While Elaine prepared the fish, and started cooking the corn and potatoes I got out the BBQ and turned it on.  What a yummy meal.....I BBQ the salmon for 8.5 minutes at around 400 degrees, and it came out perfect!  The corn was fresh, and very sweet, and the mashed potatoes were exceptional.

I went to bed around midnight last night and was up at 6:30am this morning so I was tired, and it was time for a nap after dinner.  

That was our brief, uneventful drama, just living and enjoying life and each other.

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