Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hasta La Vista Washington

I awoke on Tuesday realizing that day would be our last in Washington until next year....actually, upon further thought, we will be in Vancouver, WA for a few days in late August to visit friends.  We spent exactly 2 months in the great state of Washington, and loved the low temperatures for that two months....other than a few days in Spokane at the end of our stay there when it got over 100, we enjoyed temperatures mostly in the 50's, and 60's, with a few in the 70's.  That was our hope when we decided to spend our summer in the Pacific Northwest, and we were not disappointed!

I took these three pictures to illustrate how tight this park (Pacific Holiday Resort RV Park) was......Elaine likes the expression "cheek by jowl", and that is exactly what this park was.  You can see how close our awning comes to our neighbor's slide out!

As I wrote yesterday, we were able to drop our trailer directly behind our coach, so it was a cinch that it would be easy to pick it up again, and it was!

They really pack them in here.....most rigs were over 40' long that pulled into the park yesterday.

We were getting ready to leave this morning when we realized the U.S. Women's Soccer team was playing North Korea in the Olympics, so we postponed our departure and watched the entire match....it finished just a few minutes after 11am, and we were on the road by 11:15am.

Our total driving distance Tuesday was around 63 miles.  We headed back into Long Beach on HWY 103, and eventually it turned into 101 southbound.  We cruised south at 50mph on smooth blacktop, and eventually the Astoria-Megler Bridge......most bridges don't bother me, but this one has that certain pucker factor.  Tuesday, however, they were doing work on the bridge so for most of its 1+ mile length it was one way, and one lane.   Southbound traffic would cross while northbound traffic waited their turn.  This worked out well for me as I didn't have to worry about oncoming traffic.  We were across the bridge in 5 minutes, and headed toward Warrenton, OR where we planned on stopping at the local Costco, and Home Depot.  BUT, before we got that far I saw the local Fred Meyer Supermarket was selling diesel for $3.74!  That is the lowest price we have seen in some time.  An added bonus that we had credit on our Kroger card (Kroger owns Fred Meyer) and that nocked another 10 cents of each gallon.  We purchased $300 worth, thank you very much.  The net $3.64 we paid was the best since El Paso, TX way back in February when we paid $3.59 at a Union 76 station.

 Astoria-Megler Bridge

Hello Oregon! 

Glad that's over!

After that we stopped at Home Depot to stock up on some mechanics gloves I like to wear when working on the coach, or bikes, then over to Costco for some wine, and coffee.

After our fuel and store stops we only had 30 miles to go to our next destination, Jewell, a little country town about 20 miles east of Canon Beach.  This is the home of a good friend, Cathie Fulton, at whose home we have parked our coach in the past, most recently 2.5 years ago.  Here we are all set up for 2 weeks.  We dropped our trailer on her neighbor's property as you can see in the second and third pictures.

That's the end of our first day in Oregon.  Still enjoying cool temperatures, and looking forward to more adventures....stay tuned!

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