Friday, March 29, 2013

North by Northwest...

Wednesday night was another cold one, but it only got down to the mid 30's, so that's a good sign.  All that being said, it is certainly not "flip flops" weather by any stretch of the imagination.  Wherever we go a jacket is not far from our grasp, and shoes with socks are the first choice.....I still wear shorts, but not t-shirts anymore.

I had TLE leave the T-Bird outside Wednesday night hoping there would be a heavy enough dew to get the car wet so I could wipe it down, but, alas, the climate we have entered is much, much dryer now.  I've had to start using lotion again for the first time in months.  At any rate, we had to put the car back in the trailer Thursday morning still dirty.

We got rolling around 10:30, merging on to I-26 northbound around 10:40.  Our goal for the day was a Passport America park in Kinards, SC....about 99 miles.....I know, another long day.

As we moved north we began gaining elevation slowly.....for the first time in months, again, we find ourselves over 600' elevation.....we had been hovering under 200 feet for weeks.  When we hit Asheville, NC we will be at just over 2,400'.....somehow that doesn't seem like a warm altitude.

Normally we like to find a rest stop every 60-70 miles, but this day there wasn't one until 5 miles before our destination.....I had planned on having a late breakfast, but ultimately it turned into lunch......sure, we did stop at the rest stop just 5 miles from our destination.  It was a very nice one, plus I had to go to the bathroom, and knew once we got to the park I would be busy hooking up, so we took a 30 minute break before continuing on to Magnolia RV Park.  This is a very nice park that is probably much fuller during the actual "spring" and summer months, but now is quite empty......just like we like them!

Magnolia RV Park

I got setup.....only hooked up electric and water.....since we had just dumped our tanks in Aiken before we left Thursday morning, and will only be here in Kinards one night, there is no point in going any further than that.....just means more to put away Friday.  After that TLE and I took a mile walk through the park.....took a couple of laps to hit one mile.  We are really looking forward to Asheville because the park we are staying in is right on a long bike path....we can actually ride our bikes into town!  Plus it will be more conducive to taking long walks.

After a nap, and some insurance work  I got out the Sea-B-Que around 6 to get ready to BBQ a couple of chicken breasts.  TLE made salad, mashed potatoes, and mashed sweet potatoes to go with the meal....the chicken came out perfectly....again!  As we ate we watched a nice sunset.

Thursday night was the first of two nights for NCAA March Madness Sweet Sixteen games....there were four Thursday night, and 4 more on tap for Friday night.  Witchita, Syracuse, Marquette and Ohio State all advanced.....the Ohio State v. Arizona came down to the last shot.  Friday we off up to Asheville for 4 days.....we'll hook up with Dennis and Jeanette (Cheddar Yeti) on Saturday!

Another nice day in the books....thanks for stopping by!

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