Saturday, March 23, 2013

The last, last, last day in Savannah....I promise

Karen said she would e-mail me in the morning to let me know what our plans for breakfast would be, and what time.  They had in mind a little place called Harris Bakery, but first thing Friday morning Krash took Pipa for a walk by the bakery, but it was no longer there....the building had been bought, and was being renovated.  She e-mailed me the news, so I suggested Clary's  Cafe (featured in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil), which was only a few blocks from the flat in which they were staying.

If I may...a little sidebar know, the longer we have been in Savannah the more we have realized the downtown area is really a small geographical area, and you can walk almost anywhere in just a few minutes.  This gentile city no longer seems as large and mysterious as we originally felt last fact we feel quite at home here now after 12 days of roaming her streets, and alleys.

Okay, back to the story.....we agreed to meet them at Clary's at 10:30.....which gave me about an hour to dump the black tank....I didn't want to do it Saturday in the rain....that is the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, and to get the trailer organized for our departure Saturday morning.  I'm always a little afraid of trying to multi-task when one of those tasks is dumping and flushing the black tank....I am easily distracted, and you can let your imagination take you to the result if I should get side  However, on this day I was a multi-tasker about 40 minutes I had the tank dumped, and flushed 3 times, and the trailer ready to receive the T-Bird later that day.

By 10:15 we were in the car on our way to Clary's.....we arrived just a couple of minutes before Krash and Karen.  I love the atmosphere of this small cafe, and the food is spectacular.  We enjoyed a great meal and conversation then walked back to their flat to see Pipa....around 12:30 we decided we needed to take care of our chores for the groceries, pick up the Delo 100 oil I had ordered from West Marine, and see if the New Albion Beer had arrived at Largo Beverages.  Ever since January 1st I have been trying to find this beer in stock somewhere, but am always a day late.  When we stopped by this liquor store a few days ago they said they would have a few cases coming in Thursday afternoon, and would call and let me know if it did....well, while we were on our way to West Marine I got the call!  You will recall it was these two items, plus our Passports that compelled us to stay a few more if only our Passports arrive via Priority Mail it will have been a perfect day.......and we will had dinner downtown with Krash and Karen to look forward to!

New Albion Ale

While I was taking care of the bill for the Delo 100 oil TLE found a pair of black Sperry Topsider shoes that know wha a hard time she has with shoes......we both will need black shoes for our gig at the Indy 500...I have some already, but will need a pair of black pants, which TLE already has.  So, a little serendipity at West Marine.

Next we headed for Largo Beverage to pick up a couple of 6 packs of the New Albion Ale, which, by the way, Beer Advocate gives 4 stars.  After dropping some money at Walmart we arrived back home around 3 pm...I walked over to the mail box to see if our Prior Mail envelope was there........and it was!  Both our Passports and birth certificates had found their way through the Washington D.C. maze, and back to our hands.

We needed to be in the car around 4:45 to drive into town to meet Krash and Karen at Moon River Brewing Company for dinner....we had eaten here once before when we met our niece for dinner, and wanted to try them one more glad we did!  Krash and Karen were there waiting for us, and Krash was already into his first Captain's Porter.  The last time here I had the filet mignon, which I ranked as the second best ever...this time I ordered the "Shrimp of Course".....OMG...amazing too.  We sat eating and talking for around 2 hours, or more, then took a walk around town......we discovered it had been raining while we were eating, but had stopped just before we hit the sidewalk.  After walking a circular 8, or 9 blocks we came back to our car, and did our "until next times".  We are so happy we ended up staying a few more days, and where able to spend more time with our good friends.  To think that it has only been just shy of one year since we met them back in Chelsea, seems like we have known them most of our lives now.

Saturday morning we will hoist our anchor once again and head north toward Augusta, GA....looking forward to new adventure!

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