Friday, March 22, 2013

TLE's Perspective - Chapter 4 - Stuffing, Stowing and Storing.....

Now we are ready to go on the road!  Wait, back that we have rid ourselves of what we thought we didn't need with us we needed to stuff, stow and store what we did want to take with us.  I'm going give you a brief synopsis of what I have done to store things and then let my pictures tell the story for me.

Command Hooks in use for TLE's hats!

First let me say that Command Hooks are fabulous!  Also plastic storage bins and boxes of all types.  I am a firm believer of repurposing.  Before I throw away anything I try to decide if I can reuse it first.  I have beer bottle holders in my cupboards holding oils, vinegars, sauces, etc.  These I can pull out of the cupboard or just move around to get at other food products behind.  I have plastic holders or boxes that I put cans and packages in that I can easily slide forward to find product. I also have plastic bins on shelves that hold mixing and baking tools easily accessed.  

In our clothes closets we have put shoe and clothing organizers to hold t-shirts and shorts, or even shoes!  I used some plastic magazine holders stacked and package taped together for my flip flops, slippers, tennis shoes etc.  command hooks are everywhere..holding rings in my vanity cupboard to keys, hats, sweatshirts, my flat iron, the fly swatter & my purse.  The one nice thing about our older coach is the wood grain vynel walls...they look nice and hold the hooks well.

TLE's closet and shoes
Clarke's closet
We also have under-the-bed storage.  The bed originally lifted and had a wooden brace too hold it up-right in the middle.  I could see myself knocking that down while trying to put something under so Clarke installed gas shocks which makes lifting the bed much nicer.  It also enables us to put plastic storage bins underneath without fear of knocking the bed down on our heads. 

I won't go into all the outside and trailer storage,  just know that over the past year we have made decisions of what we had brought with us and actually have gotten rid of more stuff than we have gained.  We found that there were things not being used and after discussing each item we couldn't figure out when we would use them, so we purged.  As I said earlier we have found thrift store shopping (even yard sales) quite helpful.  Clarke has found a few tools he discovered he needed that he had not brought with him.  Who knew that we would need that big wrench!  

Hitting the road.....

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