Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We had planned (think Jello here).....well, hoped to move on Monday from Hephzibah, GA, but when we looked at the weather forecast for Asheville, NC (our near future destination) we saw that snow was promised for Monday and Tuesday.  We discussed our options, and decided there was no point in moving since it was cold, and snowing north of us, and any other closer destination would need to involve hookups to ward off the freezing temperatures.....where we were is FREE, and we had 30 amps, plus water if we needed it....we chose to live off or fresh water supply.  So, all things considered.....we stayed put.

Since it was quite cold, and very windy Tuesday we didn't even venture outside the coach....well, TLE didn't.  I got out for about 15 minutes to figure out the logistics of our extrication plan for Tuesday.  As it turns out it appears it will be pretty easy to get out of our spot.

Russ, the owner of Gray Stone Ranch, owns a Golden Eagle bus conversion that he bought in the 90's when it only had 6,800 miles on it.....it now has 740,000 miles on the 8V92 Detroit Diesel engine.  He bought it from Shania Twain (Country Western star).....how cool is that?  He said, when we first arrived, that he had parked it down on the lake in our spot several times with a long trailer on it, and was able to get out, so we should have no problems.

We've enjoyed our down time here in Hephzibah after several weeks of go, go go.  Tomorrow we will move up toward Columbia, SC for a few days awaiting warmer weather in Asheville, NC promised for later this week.  We are hoping to hook up with Dennis and Jeanette (Cheddar Yeti) whom we met our first time in Cedar Key last March.  They are a young couple, probably in their mid 30's who own a cool  1978 Bluebird Wanderlodge.  We've been trying to hook up with them, but it has not just worked out.  Right now they are in Tennessee....not far from Asheville, NC, where we are headed.  Our plan is to get together when we hit Asheville.  There is a cool write up on them in RV West....check it out.

Dennis and Jeanette

Nothing else to report.  Thanks for stopping by!

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