Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring has not is broken....

The rain continued all night long until around 7 times the rain on our aluminum roof was so loud it penetrated my coma like sleep and brought me back to consciousness.  It reminded me of Joliet, IL the night we were spending the night in the Cracker Barrel....yeah, that kind of rain.

At 8:30 when I decided to leave the warmth of my blanket cocoon it had completely was stone cold quiet....not a breath of wind, not a drop of rain....and that is the way it would remain the rest of Sunday.  The forecast, which once again proved completely erroneous, was for rain all day.  The cloud cover never broke....the sun never made an appearance....a perfect day to spend the day ensconced in front of the TV watching March was the kind of day where you make a second pot of coffee, and don't feel guilty.

Our friends in Huntington, WV, who we aim to visit within a couple of weeks say it is snowing this morning there.....the Weather Channel shows snow everywhere north of us.  Our tentative destination for Monday was Asheville, NC, but I think we may stay put for one more day.  It is snowing in Asheville as I write.  While our Newell is completely equipped for freezing temperatures....even snow, there is no point in deliberately driving into those conditions.....that is why plans are written in Jello.

The day flew by, as one basketball game after another became FINAL.....Kansas U struggled in their game against North Carolina in the first half, but pulled away in the 2nd half to win comfortably.....we now have the "Sweet 16" teams determined, and the fun will begin all over again Thursday afternoon.

For dinner TLE made a delicious Quesadilla, and I broke out one of the 22 ouncers I bought at Largo Beverage the other day....a Southern Brewing Imperial Creme Brulee Stout.....a 9.6% abv brew.....okay, I did not know it was 9.6 when I drank it last night, but that explains a amazing beer.

We capped off the evening by watching "The Amazing Race" on CBS.  

A lazy day to be sure.....but when it's a cold and cloudy Sunday with the threat of rain hanging in the air, a lazy day indoors is sometimes in order.

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Note:  TLE has finished her 6 part series on her perspective of our journey, however, she will be contributing from this point on a regular basis.

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