Monday, November 16, 2015

'Paradise Lost'...........for just a little bit

Sometimes you just cannot outrun winter.......I know it's technically still 'fall', but it sure does feel like winter to us.........we had three idyllic days of clear blue skies, and temps in the 70's and then there was Sunday.  Sunday actually started out just like the other 3 days, but we knew based on the the best guess of the 'weather guessers' that we should be getting some rain late morning, and then some wind for the rest of the day with clearing skies.....the kind of wind that hits 26 mph!  Being the mostly prudent folk we are we decided to stow the patio awning before the winds came up, which is always much easier than when the wind is blowing 26 mph out of the west......right at the passenger side of the coach.

Once that was done about 1000 I decided to take a bike ride while conditions were still favorable, so I set out south on Rincon Parkway to duplicate the ride TLE and I did the day before, only at a much great velocity.  I decided to keep the ride to an even 10 miles so made my turn around at the 5 mile mark just shy of Emma Woods State Beach, and headed back.  By this time the wind was beginning to rise, and I was fighting a modest headwind for the entire 5 mile return, as well as  the return to a higher elevation, but was still able to keep my average mph at 14.8 for the 10 miles, finishing in just 4 seconds over 41 minutes.

Within 20 minutes of my return the skies turned black, the wind really began to pick up and by 1102 it was raining.......

.......within an hour it had stopped raining, the clouds had moved past our position, which meant we were getting sun once again......unfortunately the wind continued unabated all afternoon and into the evening......

Around 1300 we joined Philip and Jeannie for a car ride into Ventura to have lunch at ABC one more time......this time I ordered a pint of their "May the Schwartz be with you"....a dark German beer, which I liked so much I ordered a second.  We had the usual sweet potato fries for our appetizer, and then I ordered their 'Crew Burger' (avocado, ghost pepper cheese, bacon, Ortega chilies, chipolte mayo, AND FRIED EGG on top!) for my entree.....TLE ordered a pint of their Scotch Ale, and for her entree the Jalapeno Fried Chicken sandwich.  The food and conversation were the time we were ready to leave it was 1500.  I have to say that over the 10 years we have been frequenting ABC our opinion of our Yelp 4.5 star rating has never waivered.....just to be fair, the combined ratings of 329 Yelp reviews gives them a 3.5 rating, but we are holding fast at our 4.5.

We made a quick stop at the Vons Supermarket (at least that is what I thought we were doing) to mostly get some wood, but it turned out TLE kept adding things to the basket.  By the time we arrived home it was closing in on 1600 hours, and with the wind hitting its forecast 26 mph our nightly campfire was out of the question, so we just decided to call it a day and retire to our respective RV's for the evening hoping for less wind Monday........

4th Rincon sunset courtesy, one again, of my sister-in-law, Jeannie

Since this was, after all, Sunday, I dove into what remained of Sunday's was not a good day for my one I was for won their game, although they were all very close.  After the Sunday finale between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks (the Seahawks lost another heart breaker and fell to 4-5), I read until about 2230, and then went to bed, joined shortly there after by TLE.

One final note.....upon our return to the coach I was pleasantly surprised to find that our batteries were once again back to!

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