Thursday, November 26, 2015

The giving of thanks.....

I was thinking this morning about what 'Thanksgiving' means......our (that of homo sapiens) natural disposition is to acquire, not give, right?  We naturally look inward to our own needs, the needs of our family, the needs of our extended family.  Our duty is to ACQUIRE a home for our family, food for our family, clothing for our family, transportation for our family, education for our family. Once a year by virtue of our a National holiday called Thanksgiving, we turn our focus outward by GIVING thanks to those who make our lives better, easier and who give our lives meaning.

The people in my life that I am so grateful for on a daily basis...........

My father, Art, and mother Virginia.....without whom none of the following is possible

So, here we go......without this amazing woman in my life, walking beside me day by day, my life would have much less meaning....thank you Elaine for choosing me 44 years ago.......

The Lovely Elaine

.....thank you to each of our five children.....Chris, Meredith, Katie, Sharon and Tim......for the love you reciprocate, and for making your mother and I proud to be your parents....

Left to right: Meredith, Katie, Sharon, Chris and Tim

 Grand children: Elijah and Charlise

My new son-in-law Rod

 New son-in-law Nick

Honorary daughter: Amanda

My brother Philip and his wife Jeannie (far right) with kids, grandkids and significant others.....left to right: Miguel (son-in-law) Danielle (daughter), Ryan (son), Ryan's daughter Ghia, and Yvonne - Ryan's significant other.

 Left to right: brother-in-law Glenn, sister-in-law Laureen, sister-in-law Phyllis

 My sisters: Hilary on my right, and Jill on my left

My brother Dwyer to TLE's left, and his wife Lori to TLE's right

Left to right: Chris, Cynthia (grand daughter), D.C. (great grandson), Christopher (grandson), Rochelle (best daughter-in-law)

My oldest and best friend, Tom Carrozzo who has presided over the wedding of two of my children.....have known him since 7th grade (1962)

My very good friend Paul and riding buddy....we have been riding mountain bikes together for 20 years, and have shared some great adventures over that time.

Good friend and riding buddy, Brenda

 Good friends Krash and Karen.....we only met them four years ago in our first year on the road, but it feels like we have known them all our lives

Long time friends Karen and Bob.....have been a part of our lives for close to 50 years

Wonderful nomadic friends met our first year on the road.....left to right: moi, Bryan, TLE, Tracy, Maria, Cherie and Chris

Long time friend Ernie....we have visited him in Florida twice in our nomadic travels

Newell friends Richard and Rhonda

Our buddies and very good Newell friends Darlene and Tom....we have traveled with them 3 times, and have stayed at their home 5 times
 Good friends David and Denise....we have met up with them on the road 4 times!

Newell friends Matt and Connie

Newell friends Forest and Cindy

I am thankful for our good health, plenty of food, a roof over my head, good friends, and a good life because all of you are in our lives......

Happy Thanksgiving!

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