Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rincon state of mind

It takes a few days to take hold....that Rincon 'state of mind'......that place in your mind were one day begins to blend into another, and you actually do forget what day it is.  As the sun sets each day your mind then turns to the rhythmic sound of the ocean as you drift off to dreamland.....the sound of one wave after another breaking and retreating in this sort of hypnotic cadence.  As if no time has elapsed, you are awakened by a sudden burst of sunlight at 0720 as Mr. Sun breaks over the coastal hills one more time to announce the beginning of another day.......what day you are not quite think 'is it Tuesday, or Wednesday?  Or, maybe even Thursday' don't know for sure, but you don't really care whether you answer the question, or not.  The sun is out, the air with its balmy, silky feel is calling you outside where the morning zephyrs are just barely discernible, and the roiling water is just 50' away.  The closest human portable habitations are at least 150' behind you, and in front the nearest is over 300''s as if you have your own little seaside think that life cannot possibly get much better, and you are probably right.....except for all the other cool stuff you know is just around the corner.

In past visits to the Rincon, we would be getting ready to return to our hectic lives after just 2, or 3 nights just as we began to slow down mentally.  And even when we had retired, we were still on some sort of self imposed schedule.  This is the first time we have stayed for more than 4 days, and knowing that we will have logged some 10 days when we do finally pull anchor puts a smile on our collective faces.

In the interests of full disclosure, we are less than 70' from a set of train tracks, and there are 2 to 3 freight trains that pass by each day, as well as numerous 'Surfliner' commuter trains, and less than a 1/16th of a mile away is US HWY 101, which always boasts a steady stream of cars and trucks.  Nevertheless, if you face the ocean you cannot hear any of that......just the waves, the wind and the ubiquitous sea birds.  There are several beach colonies along Rincon Parkway (Faria, Hobson, Solimar, etc) boasting multi million dollar homes, and yet they have the same view for which we pay $28/night, and the same traffic noise and train noise we do.....we have no utilities to pay, no property taxes to pay, and no 'stuff' to take care of day after day.

During the day there are a couple of freight trains, and several 'Surfliners' (commuter trains)

Wednesday we spent most of our day reading outside.....I did manage to motivate myself to wipe the road grime off the passenger side of the coach......we passed through a lot of snow and rain on our way south from Spokane.  Maybe I'll tackle the driver's side Thursday.....maybe.

 A lot of surfers out Tuesday

As is or custom whilst we tarry on the Rincon we were outside sitting by the fire as the sun kissed the ocean one more time...........

 6th Rincon sunset

......and really, in the end, this is what it is really all about......just me and my baby facing the world together.........

Life is is just is.............

Thanks for stopping by!

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