Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The List.......

I started off my Monday by dumping the black and gray tanks, or should I say 'maceratoring' the them........the only way I am able to dump gray, or black water at my daughter's home is to pump it to the sewer cleanout in her basement, which involves running a hose under her house through the raised foundation....I installed a hose two winters ago, and just leave it in place when we leave.  The total run is about 130 feet to the cleanout.  The next project up was to wash a few weeks of grime, including a salty film from our stay at the beach, off the Beetle.

Then it was time to start chipping away at the project list which now boasts 10 items:

1) Check coolant level in radiator - Done 11/23/2015
2) Splendide washer/dryer - fix the dryer portion - quit working about 6 months ago
3) Remove and repair the salon Suburban gas heater - quit working at Mono Lake
4) Remove and repair stove cover - the stainless steel liner is coming lose
5) Lube awnings
6) Have fire extinguishers recharged
7) Clean radiator
8) Install new water pressure regulator
9) Clean electric heaters - lint buildup
10) Build shelf in electric bay

Fire extinguishers ready to be recharged

Some of the 10 are big projects (2, 3, 7, 8 & 10), but all of them need to be done to keep our home on wheels functioning as close to 100% as possible.  I'll keep you updated over the next few weeks as these projects get checked off the list.....I'm going to start with the easy ones to get some momentum rolling.

Monday was the day the tree trimmer was to come and trim the neighbor's heavily overgrown tree, which besides blocking my view of the southern sky for my satellite dish, keeps a large portion of my daughter's backyard in shade and prevents grass from growing.  The picture below is the only 'before' picture I could find (taken last December), and the next picture shows the tree after the trimmers finished....I would say they removed about 80% of the tree volume, and now light is getting into the backyard again, and I can get a satellite signal without using my Winegard Carryout portable dish.  The first picture kind of gives you an idea of how bar the tree canopy extended......my satellite dish is to the right of the refrigerator vent in the center of the picture.  This is why we are currently parked so far back in the yard....to give the tree guys room to work on the tree......by the time they were finished trimming the tree the entire area where we usually park was full of tree debris up to the top of the fence.......

Sun light is penetrating once again

.....the arborists did not arrive until just after 1300 hours, but in just 3.5 hours they were done, and everything was cleaned up.......I was sure it would take them until sometime Tuesday to finish cleaning up the debris, but I was wrong.....they had cleaned up their mess and were on their way just before sunset.....very impressive.

For dinner TLE tasked me with grilling two filets she had picked up at Costco Sunday to which she added green beans, and mashed potatoes..........add to that a good Pino Noir and you have a perfect dinner.....

Of course Monday means MNF, and what a great game it was.......Buffalo was at New England, and they managed to keep the game close, but lost by a touchdown (20-13) to the now 11-0 Patriots.  We finished the evening watched 'Scorpion' and 'NCIS Los Angeles' before calling it a night.

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