Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bachelor man - Day #3

Friday had so much promise.....the promise of getting the 50 amp power restored to our site.....the promise of a lot of new arrivals (109) bringing us to 75% of capacity......the promise of three more days until TLE returns.....the promise of warmer temperatures.  All of those promises came true, except the one of fixing our 50 amp electrical was just not to be.  Adam and I had good intentions, but duties around the park interfered.......Adam was called away time and again to work on other electrical issues for customers, as it should be, and I was called away to spend a lot of time directing traffic along our main entrance road.  It doesn't take long for things to go sideways at the entrance on a Friday, so continuous supervision is required to keep traffic moving.  Our electrical issues will have to wait until Tuesday when things calm down once again.

I arrived at the office/store around 7:20 am to find that Robert (our manager) had arrived earlier than usual and had already turned off the alarm (thank you) and opened the front doors, so I was just a matter of going about the rest of my morning routine.......if only that had happened.  We have been having issues the past few days with our 'print server'.  We print a lot of documents every day and having a dependable printer is imperative.  A few days ago we began to experience long delays in print jobs sent to the server actually printing.  It got to the point where we stopped trying to print receipts (promising to deliver them later when we got our printer issues resolved), site tags, etc.  By Friday morning even our reports were not printing.  Each day TLE, or someone else will print three reports for me to use in my rounds......"Who's In The Park", "Departures" and "Arrivals".   We tried for quite a long time to get them to print, but were unsuccessful.  Ultimately I had to use Robert's computer, which has it own dedicated printer to print my reports.  

Unfortunately that left the office staff in the same predicament for most of the day until Victor (our assistant manager and resident "IT" guy) returned from his two days off to diagnose the problem.  As it turned out the entire issue was a faulty ethernet cable connecting the printer to the router.  Once replaced everything began to work better......the computers stopped crashing, and a hundred print jobs waiting in the que finally printed.

Meanwhile I spent most of my day, as I noted previously, directing traffic, taking people to their sites, helping customers back into difficult sites, which I am sure probably saved a couple of marriages.

We had a couple of people out sick so there was no one to relieve me at my normal quitting time of 4 pm......finally by 5 pm my relief arrived and I headed home to the coach.....I was one tired puppy.  In fact, I fell asleep in my recliner shortly after finishing my dinner awaking about 9 pm to go to bed.

Ahhhhh........two more days until the return of TLE.....thanks for stopping by!

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