Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bachelor man - Day #1 - The two simoleons

I waved goodbye to TLE about 7 am as the VW disappeared around the corner and out of sight for 5 days.  Our 6th grand child, Jolene Rose, entered this world June 6th and it is time from grandmother to meet her in person, so TLE has flown down to Ontario, CA until Sunday to get some face time with our precious Jolene Rose.

Meanwhile, back at the 'ranch', I spent the day freezing my extremities.......they say the high temp for the day got to 55, but I would beg to differ with that.......for most of the day we had a 20 mph wind, which I am sure when modified to account for 'WIND CHILL' was somewhere in the low 40's.......

 Back to winter wear

Collar turned up once again

.....ultimately I ditched the cowboy hat for my watch cap, and about 2:40 pm we had SNOW FLURRIES.......yes, you read that correctly......SNOW FLURRIES on June 15th!  But wait.....once again I forge way ahead of myself.....

Twenty minutes after the VW disappeared around the corner with The Lovely Elaine ensconced in the driver's seat I headed for the office/store to open for the day.  On my way to the office on my Intense 5.5 I spied what I thought at first was trash on the ground......I am a compulsive trash picker upper so I stopped to pick it I bent over I realized it was a dollar bill......I had barely picked it up when I saw another one just a few feet away.....okay, that's weird.  I began to think someone was laying down a trail of dollar bills to lead me off on a wild goose chase, so I just pocketed the two simoleons and headed for the office........

The two simoleons

......TLE always opens the door each morning, and heads directly for the alarm keypad to disarm the alarm......I hate alarms as I usually set them off, so always leave that task to TLE, however, on this day it fell to me.......after opening the door and walking to the back of the office/store I stood before the dreaded keypad with the little 'Post-It-Note' firmly gripped in my left hand......TLE had written the four digit alarm code on for my convenience.  The note gave four numbers with the word 'OFF' following them......she explained I must key in the four numbers and then press the 'OFF' button......okay, simple, right?  I pressed the four digits on the keypad and then looked for the 'OFF' button......dang, where is it?  It was then I realized how small the printing was on the buttons.......where is that 'OFF' button?  I paused so long the screen went blank again, and I began to expect the alarm to begin blaring any second.......I kept my cool, and calmly looked over the keypad finally finding the 'OFF' button, then had to re-key the 4 digit code before successfully pressing the now located tiny 'OFF' button and avoiding the alarm.

From that point on it was 'all downhill'......Sally arrived shortly thereafter and proceeded to go get the computers up, count the money, etc......I headed for the maintenance yard to pick up the Ranger cart, and get ready for my day.

After completing my first round of the day I met Miguel (head Ranger) at one of the walking paths in Section F to repair part of the fence that defines the post had rotted out, and another was leaning way over.  We had to remove the threaded rod we use to bolt the pieces of the fence together to remove the rotted out post, then dig out the piece in the ground, dig the hole a little deeper, then put the new post in and bolt everything back together. In all it took us about an hour to finish the repairs.

About 2 pm our computers went the same time we were having our weekly staff meeting so I had to keep an eye on the entrance for arriving RV's so we could just send them directly to their sites until our internet connection was all it was about an hour before they came back up, and it was during that hour that we got the aforementioned flurries, during which time I was mostly outside dealing with frozen extremities.  Anyway, as I said, the computers did come back up and by 4 pm I was on my way home to thaw out.

I took a 15 minute very hot shower and emerged completely thawed out and ready for a nap.  TLE prepared a number of meals for me so I don't have to worry about cooking.  On the top of the pile of oven dishes in the fridge was an uncooked enchilada casserole.  She had explained all I had to do was put it in the large toaster oven, which she preset to 350 degrees, turn on the timer to 20 minutes and let it cook, and that is exactly what I did, and at the end of 20 minutes, precisely, it was done.  I got out an 'ICKY' IPA to pair with the casserole and sat down to watch a recorded episode of 'Person of Interest'.  The casserole, as always, was perfection.....thank you TLE!

I was turning out the lights by 9 pm, and in bed asleep by 9:30.......4 days until TLE returns........thanks for stopping by!

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