Friday, June 3, 2016

The unexpected!

Thursday was one of those days that makes you thankful for this life style.......Miss Serendipity raised her hand about noon time and said "My turn!".  As usual TLE and I reported for work at 7:30 and the whirlwind began.....I was so busy for the first 5 hours of my shift I hadn't pulled my phone out of my pocket the entire time, even though I had heard it 'ding' several times indicating e-mails, or texts had arrived.  When I unlocked the screen I saw I had a text message from my good friend Claude sent at 8:06 am that morning asking if we had any campsites available for a tent trailer.  Wait, what?  He owns a Bluebird Wanderlodge.....apparently he bought an M101A1 military trailer with this cool tent added on top and is taking a multi week meandering trip.....and wanted to stop by for a few days.......

 Not your traditional 'tent trailer', but very cool

The last thing I was thinking about Thursday was being able to reconnect with a good friend......I was off by 3 pm and within minutes of arriving home I was deep into the repair of another friend's (Bryan) bike who is in the park for a few days.  We first met Bryan and Maria in Cedar Key, FL back in 2012, and I have worked on their bikes at least once a year as we meet up here and there across the U.S.  Since their bikes spend most of their time out in the elements they need tuning up on a regular basis.  Next I worked on adjusting Maria's rear brake, then our neighbor, Miguel (Head Ranger) asked if I could look at the brakes on his son's bicycle, which weren't working.....I had no sooner finished with his bike than Claude arrived.....we put him in the empty site next to us and spent the evening around the fire drinking vino, and talking as if no time had passed since we last saw him.......October of 2014.....

Sharing some good coffee and conversation this morning with my good friend Claude one loves surprises more than I.....thank you Claude for dropping in so unexpectedly, and for all the wine you brought with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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