Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I thought the days of wearing my coat and gloves all day long were past, but I was wrong.  We are back to temps in the 30's at night, and highs in the 50' least for a few days more.  Meanwhile the park was pretty full for a Tuesday......probably about 55% full.  After making my morning rounds I returned to painting the traffic markings along the entrance road with bright yellow.......

.......I started with refreshing the other two stop limit lines and the word "STOP" on the ground in front of each limit line......

......then I worked along the entry road putting directional arrows with "RV's" on the ground in front of the arrow trying to get folks pulling, or driving RV's to pull to the right lane and park before registering.  In all there are five of these spaced out over the length of the entry road now....we are hoping this will reduce some of the confusion on busy seems we always have a few folks who decide they should park right in the middle of the street, which, of course, blocks traffic.

By the time I ran out of paint it was 1 pm, and also time for my lunch fact, way past.....usually I go at 12 pm.  After lunch I ran my final round of the day, then spent my last hour deep cleaning tent sites in Section E.

TLE spent the evening getting ready for her 5 day trip to SoCal to spend time with our daughter Kate and our new grand child, Jolene Rose, she'll be back Sunday I will be BM (Bachelor Man) for the rest of the week.

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