Monday, June 18, 2018

Above par.......

5:38 am - Monday - June 18th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 53º F, 94% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south.....heavy cloud cover in advance of predicted (75%) rain today.  Forecast high is 66º F.  Why am I up so early?  I woke up and thought the clock said 6:11 am....I usually get up at 5:50 am on work days that begin at 8 am.  Anyway, I thought I was getting up 20 minutes late, not 40 minutes early.  Once I was out of bed and fully awake I noticed the clock really said 5:11 I am awake and there is nothing to do but continue.......uggggh!  That has not happened to me in years!

As I have written previously, I love Sunday's here at SDC.  As the workaday folks depart the campground begins to quiet down and it is just a matter of getting their sites ready for our next customers.  Pretty soon the summer crowds will begin to arrive and we will be close to 100% occupied 7 days a week for the next 8 to 9 weeks, and Sundays will no longer be discernible from any other day of the week.  I shall endeavor enjoy this part of the summer as long as I can.

On Sundays I arrive at work at 7 am to help open the pool....that also means I get off work an hour earlier.  Compared to Saturday it was 12 degrees cooler, and much lower kind of day!  It never got much above 65º, and there was a nice breeze.  Once the pool was finished and ready for use we took our 8 am coffee break and discussed what needed to be done the rest of the day.  There were 11 sites with departures so one armed Alex was tasked to take care of them.  Since the transfer station is not open on Sunday's we transfer our trash from the trash cans into a large dumpster kept here for that very purpose.  We (Tammy and I) decided to assemble another of the three new BBQ's which would take a little over an hour, and then pickup and transfer the trash taking us right up to lunch.

After lunch it was time to clean the men's and women's restrooms, which brought us to 2 pm.  With only an hour to go I picked up a string trimmer and headed down to the water and electric sites to clean up a few sites before quitting time.

I was home a little after 3 pm (TLE had the 12 pm to 8 pm shift) and watching the final round of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament.  You will recall that Saturday was a blood bath on the course, and at the end of the day we had four guys tied for first at 3 over par.  I was wondering if anyone would finish at even par, or under par.  The conditions were much better on Sunday at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, but at the end of the day no one got back to even par.  The winner, Brooks Koepka, finished at one over par, and one stroke ahead of the person in second place. It was also the first time since the 1988 and 1989 seasons that a player has successfully defended his title.  Back then it was Curtis Strange who won two years in a row, and now Brooks Koepka.  It was a very exciting afternoon, and the result was in doubt until the last hole.....just the way I like it!

I went back on duty at 7 pm to close the pool and patrol the campground.  I also helped a new arrival get into their site, which I have not done in a while.  TLE and I were on our way home a little over 8 pm.  

We chose to watch a recorded World Cup game between Mexico and Germany.  Now, to be clear, Germany is heavily favored to defend their World Cup title from 4 years ago, and every one expected them to beat Mexico handily.  What actually happened was quite another thing....Mexico scored a goal in the 35th minute and held on to win the match 1 to nil.  I guess that's why they actually play the games, right?

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