Monday, June 4, 2018

Pool boy.....

6:12 am - Monday - June 4th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 46º F, 85% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the southeast.....mostly clear, blue skies this morning with forecast high of 50º F and a 70% chance of rain by noon time.

Good morning SDC!

Sunday morning was sooo cold!  It was clear and breezy, but the forecast high was supposed to be 59º F, but I do not believe it ever got that 'warm'.  I began the day wearing a jacket, and never took it off the entire day.  I was on the job at the pool waiting for Todd just before 7 am to learn how to manage the pool.  I really don't like  being up that early, and had I known I would not clock out for the day until almost 3:30 pm I would have liked it even less, but I get ahead of myself.

After completing the very thorough pool tutorial I picked up my golf cart to do site checks, and then fetch 6 bundles of wood to top off the wood box.  Then it was off to begin cleaning sites.  Unlike last Monday which was the end of the first big weekend of the season where we cleaned 59 sites, this Sunday only had us cleaning less than 20 sites.  Of course, first thing in the morning on 'vacuum day' there are only a few sites which have been vacated, which limits the number of sites which can be cleaned initially, but we stayed busy until 11 am and lunch.

I was back at 12 pm ready to clean the restrooms, and after a busy weekend it took us pretty much the entire two hours to do so.  Then it was time to finish cleaning the rest of the camping sites, as well as the BBQ's and fire pits in all the cabin sites.  We finished cleaning the rest of the sites by 3:15 pm and I was tuckered!  That was an eight and a half hour work longest so far.

On the 'good news' front we learned that Alex (broke his arm a couple of weeks ago) will be able to return to work this week on a 'limited duty' basis, which will take a little pressure off the rest of us, particularly on Sundays where it is just Todd and I to do everything.

I was home by 3:30 pm relaxing, taking a nap, and then a very long shower.  By 7 pm I had recouped a lot.  After donning pants, a jacket, watch cap and gloves I headed down to close the pool, do another round of site checks (we do three rounds per day now that the summer season is under way), and then keep TLE company until she closed the office at 8 pm.

We were both home settling in for the evening by 8:15 more work day and we are off work once again.....yay!

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  1. Hmmm... pants, a jacket, a watch cap & gloves, sounds like a fine start to the summer!
    I'll be up in the Maine area in August, I'm sure summer will have arrived by then :-)


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