Thursday, June 28, 2018

Can you hear that echo?

6:15 am - Thursday - June 28th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 59º F, 96% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the south......raining right now with heavy cloud cover.....forecast high is 60º F with rain all day and into the evening.

We slept in to 8:30 am again Wednesday......the sun finally penetrating the fog of our slumber.  There were no big plans for the day except to take a 2 mile out and back walk to Echo Lake so we lazed around all morning.  We wanted to watch the World Cup match between Germany (defending World Cup champion) and South Korea (hadn't won a game).  Germany has never not made it out of 'pool' play into the round of 16, and unless they won this match by two, or more goals they would not be advancing out of pool play.  The game was still tied at nil - nil when 'added time' began.  By this time you can see the pressure on the faces of the German team....about 2 minutes into 'added time' Korea apparently scored a goal, but the Assistant Referee had his flag up indicating an 'offsides' infraction on the South Korean player who scored the goal, thereby nullifying the goal.  But wait....there's more.....ultimately it went to 'VAR' (Video Assisted Review) where it was determined by the Center Referee that the South Korean player was NOT offside......1-nil in favor of South Korea.  So, there are still 6 minutes left in 'added time' (the original 6 minutes, plus 3 more to account for the delay in reviewing the scoring play).  So, now Germany must score at least 3 goals to advance, and that is not going to happen.  In fact, South Korea scored another goal as 'added time' was running out and won 2-nil over Germany.  What a great game to watch.  I think the South Korean goalie made in excess of 20 saves over the course of the match.  It was a good day for the Mexico National Team as Germany's failure to advance meant they would advance out of pool play!

After that we decided to get dressed and take our 'out and back' walk to Echo Lake.  We left for our walk around 12:30 pm arriving at Echo Lake about 25 minutes later......the total one way distance turns out to be 1.2 miles making the round trip walk 2.4 miles.  Initially we walk down a sawdust path about .1 miles in length which takes us to Lurvey Spring road, and then another .2 miles to Echo Lake Road with a final .9 miles downhill to Echo Lake Beach....... 

 Lurvey Spring Road
 Echo Lake Beach you can see, Echo Lake Beach was quite busy on this Wednesday afternoon.  You will recall that I visited Long Pond Beach a week ago and found it completely deserted.....

......sure, it's a much smaller beach, but hey, there's no one there.....I prefer the less crowded beach venues.  I think we'll take our beach chairs to Long Pond next week to sit on the beach.

We were home by 2:40 pm and watching another World Cup match until well after 4 pm.  Around 5 pm we got dressed to go out to dinner at Seafood Ketch again.  We were meeting Steven (a co-worker) and his wife Lois for dinner.  This was also the last night of the season that they would be offering their two specials for $30 including a bottle of wine.....we can't miss that, right?  We had a lovely, lingering, two hour dinner with Steven and Lois before heading for home.  Time to get ready for another work week!

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