Sunday, June 24, 2018


5:40 am - Sunday - June 24th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 54º F, 97% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the west by southwest.......heavy cloud cover....rained all night.  Forecast high today is 65º F.

I over slept a little bit today and am about 40 minutes behind schedule, so today's blog will be necessarily brief.  

I spent my Saturday working with Todd to level 6 tent pads and a fire ring in Group 210.  The land in this section, like others, is not very level so Todd has created tent pads which are level by building large (10' x 20') wooden boxes and then filing them with very fine gravel.  The gravel must be leveled, and then packed so that it is a relatively smooth sleeping surface......smooth being a relative term when it comes to gravel.  That was pretty much my entire day......shoveling, raking, smoothing, packing and watering.  We finished the 6th pad just before 4 pm and I was whipped.  Normally I would have worked to 5 pm, but my sister and her family were going to drive over from their hotel in Bar Harbor to have cocktails and dinner with us and they were arriving at 5 pm, so I called it a day at 4 pm.

They wanted to go to dinner at the locally famous Thurston's Lobster Pound, where we have eaten twice previously.  I was more ready for a long nap than I was for going out for dinner, but by 5 pm I was ready.  Hilary, Bob and Stephanie arrived just slightly after 5 pm with a couple of bottles of wine, and a bottle of Jameson (blended Scotch whiskey).  The girls had wine, and Bob and I had some Jameson on the rocks.  Around 6 pm we headed for Thurston's Lobster Pound over in the lovely seaside Village of Bernard.

It had begun to rain around 5:30 pm, and by the time we reached Thurston's it was coming down pretty steadily.   Bob dropped us off at the door while he went in search of a parking spot.  By the time we snagged a table Bob had arrived and we got in line to order our food.  Bob and I decided to order live lobster's and have them boiled while the ladies ordered menu items............ takes 20 minutes to boil a lobster so it was no surprise that our entrees did not arrive for about 25 minutes.........

Left to right: Moi, Hilary, TLE, Stephanie and Bob

.......we had a lovely dinner, and Bob and I learned how to break down a boiled lobster.  I wish I had remembered to take pictures, but I did not.  I'm pretty sure my hands were too covered with lobster residue to have handled my phone camera anyway.  We sat talking, eating and laughing until almost 9 pm before it was time for us to head for home.  I think we were the last ones to leave the restaurant!

It was a great way to end a very hard work day, and I'm glad we spent more time with Hilary and her family.  For those who may wonder, I have 4 siblings.....two brothers and two sisters.  Hilary is 12 years younger than I and was only about 5 years old when I left home for college.  I didn't really get to know her well until we were adults, but I now cherish every minute we can spend with her and her family.  Their youngest daughter, Caroline, just finished her second year at university.  She is attending Pepperdine University in SoCal, but spent the last two semesters studying abroad in Switzerland.  She is still there, but will be home in a few weeks.  Stephanie just graduated from Thomas Aquinas University in Santa Paula, CA.

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