Saturday, June 30, 2018

How humid was it?

6:14 am - Saturday - June 30th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 63º F, 95% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the northeast.......partly cloudy with a forecast high of 76º F today.  Wow, the last day of June, 2018, and also the beginning of our 8th week here in Southwest Harbor, ME.

As soon as I stepped outside Friday I knew it was going to be a humid could feel it in the air.  Since we arrived here in Southwest Harbor it has not been that humid, which has been a relief to me.  There have been individual days here and there that were humid, but Friday took the cake for sure as the most humid day in the 7 weeks we have been on site.....probably around 95%.

Todd, Tammy and one armed Alex (it appears he will be released by his doctor to begin using his left arm again around July 10th) were doing the pool so I ferried both golf carts down to the office from the 'garage' while they finished.  Once they finished and we had consumed our morning coffee one armed Alex headed out to begin cleaning the sites which were being vacated, while Tammy and I took care of a couple of things, one being to retrieve a Stihl blower to blow the standing water off site # 91 remaining from the storm the day prior.  This is the only site which has a drainage problem, and if we don't blow the standing water off the concrete pad it will stay for days resulting in the next occupant living in the middle of a lake for their stay, and we do not want that.

Once we were done with that I headed with Todd in the company pickup over to the boat ramp in Bernard to fill up three 55 gallon trash cans with sea water so we could get the lobster tank in the office filled with same and ready to receive a load of live lobsters on Saturday.  That took us right up to 11 am and lunch time.  After lunch Tammy and I dove into the daily restroom was soooo humid in those restrooms!  I was literally wiping sweat from my eyes for the two hours it took to finish them.  Once we had finished we went into the office to sit in front of their air conditioner for about 10 minutes to cool down, and dry out!

One of the things I like about Todd is when it gets warm and humid he takes his foot off the accelerator and gives us jobs not requiring us to exert ourselves excessively.  We all appreciate that!  I filled a propane canister for a customer, ran to the garage to fetch a couple of items for him, and sat in the shade watching he and one armed Alex pull a small diameter rope through some conduit in preparation for pulling some fiber optic cable next week.  They are upgrading their WiFi here at SDC to increase available broadband, and speed, and this will be the first step.  By the time they finished it was 3 pm and time for Alex and Tammy to punch the clock.  I still had two hours to go so I spent that time patrolling the campground, picking up some recycling, talking with customers, and hauling away some cardboard to the dumpster.

I punched the clock at 5 pm and was on my way home.....once again TLE had the 10 am to 6 pm shift, and she was home just after 6 pm.  Another day in the books!  Just before TLE came home it began to rain, and just after she got home it began to pour, but it only lasted for about 15 minutes and it was done.

We watched a recorded episode of 'Alone'.....they have already lost 3 of the 10 competitors after 9, or 10 days. This season they are in Mongolia, and the conditions there are quite harsh.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that humidity sounds awful. Looks like you guys are ready for the July weekend and festivities? I got the go ahead from my boss here at the Diesel shop to take some time off mid August to mid September. I have 4-5 week road trip planned....heading for Nevada with a stop off in Elko to see some family, then to Fallon and Reno to see friends I grew up with Truckee, then heading to WA via Susanville and through Klamath falls jumping on I-5 to WA. Will spend two weeks with my family. Will get a week in with the grand-kids before they head back to school, my grand-daughter turns 16 on Sept 6 and my son Bryce will be in town from North Carolina for a week for his friends wedding on Sept 7th. I will then head to Vacaville/Sacramento area to spend time with my best friend, see a cousin and a few other friends in the area, then take a trip through Yosemite and then back here to Phoenix. Take care and have a great 4th of July.


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