Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Remarkably remarkable.......

9:01 am - Tuesday - June 12th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 61º F, 64% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the southwest.....clear blue skies once again....4 days in a row!  Forecast high for today is 64º F and winds in the 20's.

We are in a stretch of remarkable, beautiful, balmy weather....hence I am remarking.  Regrettably, but somewhat predictably, the weather will once again turn stormy on Wednesday.  That, of course, is what June is all about here in northeastern Maine.  As Scarlett O'Hara oft said...."I'll think about it tomorrow.".....

Monday saw Tony, Alex and moi on duty.  There were ten sites which had departures, so Alex offered to take care of them whilst Tony and I gathered up the campground effluent for transport to the 'transfer' station.  Once all the available trash had been garnered we headed over to the transfer station.  

We were in and out in just minutes and on our way over to Lee's home (Lee is the father of Rain, and one of the owners of SDC) to pick up his mid sized Husqvarna zero steer lawnmower.  We use his lawnmower to cut grass around the cabins as the John Deere is a tad to large for that task.  Then it was into downtown to the local hardware store (McEachern and Hutchins) to pick up some metric bolts for  Todd to finish repairing the John Deere zero steer.

By the time all that had been accomplished it was nearing 10 am......we unloaded the Husqvarna, and Tony took off to cut the grass around the cabins while I headed down to the pool with a box of 2.5" galvanized wood screws to reattach about 25 fence boards which were loose.  11 am came with me about half done with that task....I would not return to finish it for about three hours.  First there was lunch, and then there were the restrooms.  

I did return to the pool area a little after 2 pm to pick up where I left off earlier.  Once I finished that task I headed over to site 117 to finish the repair the picnic table Alex and I had worked on the day prior......we could not find the correct length carriage bolts to attach the new plank to the table portion so we used some that were 3 inches too long to temporarily attach it.  With Todd's help we found the correct ones Monday morning, so now it was time to finish the task, and then repaint the entire table.

It was now 3:15 and I had 45 minutes to go before the end of my shift....I retrieved my favorite Stihl string trimmer and headed down to the cabins to get those areas Tony could not reach with the Husqvarna.  Todd was already down there doing the same thing so I joined forces with him and we knocked out the trimming around the 10 cabins by 4 pm.

TLE had the close shift so she had come on duty at 12 pm, and still had 4 hours to go until the end of her shift.  I gave her a kiss, punched the clock and headed for the barn.....not necessarily in that order.

For the first time in days I did not feel exhausted at the end of my shift.  I went home, changed clothes and sat down in my recliner thinking I would take a nap, but I wasn't tired.....amazing.  Maybe, just maybe, my conditioning has improved enough over the past 5 weeks to where I can see myself thriving at this job over the next 4+ months.  I hadn't written about it previously, but I was getting concerned with how tired I was at the end of each work day.  In retrospect I should not be surprised how out of shape I was......while I was quite active up until December 28th when I had my stroke I was quite inactive since then due to that (stroke), the weather at the Grand Canyon, and the fact that my 5 hour per day job as cashier was not very tasking at all.  I was just way, way out of shape......

Feeling full of energy once again

.....I returned around 7:15 pm to do the pool water tests, close the pool, and do my nightly patrol of the campground.  It was a beautiful evening......

......I was back at the office just after 8 pm to find TLE already turning off the office lights and locking the door.  Time for a couple of days off work, and some more exploring!

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