Monday, June 25, 2018


6:12 am - Monday - June 25th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 55º F, 97% humidity (raining), wind 10 mph out of the north by northeast......heavy cloud cover and raining....rained all night long.

Sunday is the one day of the week I must be at work at 7 am to help open the pool for the day.  Usually I get up on Sunday about 4:50 am in order to be down at the office clocking in for the day by 6:55 am, but I over slept slightly....I didn't get up until 5:11 am.  I know, that's really not too bad, but for a person who is a creature of habit even getting up 20 minutes late usually throws off my whole day.  This time, however, I managed to put it behind me and just accelerate my routine slightly and was still ready to go to with time to spare......maybe, just maybe 'old dogs can learn new tricks'.......maybe.

We were done with the pool just before 8 had rained most the prior night and into the early morning and the cloud cover was quite heavy.  It looked as if it might rain more for most of the morning, but it didn't......thankfully.  I love it when it rains at night and has no effect on the daylight portion of your day.  While Tammy and Alex took off to do site checks and then begin cleaning the sites of departing customers I headed out to take care of a couple of repairs in the campground.....this is the kind of stuff I love to do.

First up was a leaky hose bib in site # 74......more precisely a leaky 'anti siphon' valve........

.......I'm sure most of my readers have seen this device attached to your hose bibs at home.  It keeps water from your garden hose from being siphoned back into the water supply for your home, or in the case of an RV park, from being siphoned back into the campground water supply.  They do have a life expectancy, and the one at site # 74 had reached the end of its life.  I went up to the 'garage' to pick up a new anti siphon valve and returned to replace the defective one.  That was done in just a few minutes, and then it was on to cabin # 316 where a customer had reported a broken threshold board.

I inspected it and confirmed it was broken so I again returned to the 'garage' to retrieve the necessary tools to remove the broken threshold.  It took me about 15 minutes to get it out and then it was just a matter of finding a matching piece in our lumber pile to use for the new threshold.  I quickly found a piece that would work then used the old threshold as a template to create a new one.  Within 15 minutes I had cut a new threshold and then took it back to the cabin to install.  It went in easily, and I was done.....I wish I had remembered to take a picture of it.

By this time it was a little after 10 am.....a customer in site # 72 need to have the propane tank on his class C filled, and another had dropped off a 5 gallon propane bottle to be filled so Tammy and I headed over to the propane station to take care of that......

.......all of that took about 40 minutes, and it was almost time for lunch........I took brief break before heading home for lunch.  Right after lunch, as is always the case every single day, it was time to clean the restrooms.....I donned my West Marine rubber boots and we got to work......

.....the last task of our day was to empty all the trash cans in the campground and take it up to our large dumpster (the transfer station is closed on Sunday's).   During our garbage run a customer arrived in a large 5th wheel and needed assistance getting into site # 70.  He was  a little agitated at not being able to get into the site, so I headed over to give him some help.  I had him in the site within 10 minutes and could see a smile return to his face.....that's all the thanks I need!

I was off work by 3 pm, and we were in the VW on our way over to Jordan Pond House to meet my sister and her family for tea and popovers (menu).  I would never have thought of this, but leave it to my sister Hilary to do so......what a great idea!  We sat out on the patio for about 90 minutes eating our popovers (TLE and I substituted coffee for tea) and enjoying the late was a beautiful afternoon in spite of the cloud cover.......

 That's where we sat!

The last time we were here this field was nothing but they have installed the new turf

.....from there we headed back to Bar Harbor to have some cocktails and snacks and enjoy the view from their peaceful and restful!

By 8 pm it was time for us to head back to SDC as I had to close the pool.  We bid our adieus and were off to Southwest Harbor.  We arrived just before 8:30 pm, got the pool closed, and the water tested and were home by 9 pm.  Safe travels Hilary, Bob and Stephanie!

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