Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Flying Solo......

7:43 am - Wednesday - June 6th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 48º F, 96% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the northeast.....heavy cloud cover, no rain (finally) and a forecast high for today of 57º F.   It just stopped raining about 30 minutes ago after raining continuously for 44 hours.  Fortunately it was a gentle rain....never really poured.

We were not out of bed until after 8 am Tuesday......just because we could.  It rained all night Monday night, and was still raining Tuesday morning.....never hard....never loud......just a gentle, rhythmic pitter patter on the roof.  We love falling asleep to the sound of rain on our riveted aircraft aluminum roof!

We lazed around most of the morning thinking it would stop raining late morning, but it never stopped.  We wanted to drive into Bangor (pronounced Ban-GOR by the locals) to see a movie......seemed like the thing to do on a wet and cold June day.  We were hoping it would stop raining for the 52 mile drive, but it never did so we were off driving in the rain to Bangor a little after 11 am.  The movie we wished to see had a start time of 1:45 pm, but we were concerned about the rain causing traffic to be worse than wasn't, and we arrived at the movie theater (Hollywood Cinemas) a little after 12 hour and 45 minutes until the movie begins.....what to do?

I had mentioned to TLE that I was not happy with the performance of our windshield wipers, and would like to replace them.....well, there was an O'Reilly Auto Parts store right across the street so we pulled in there and I went in to get some new wipers.  They had two brands of wipers......Bosch and the 'other' brand I had purchased a couple of years before and never ever really liked.  The Bosch are twice as expensive at $16 and change per wiper (over $33 with tax for two), but I decided to splurge for a change and went for the Bosch Pure Vision ones.....

.....I don't know about you, but I never look forward to changing my wipers as the installation of same is never intuitive.  It always takes me about 15 minutes to figure out how to get the old ones off, and the new ones on, which by the way, have a totally different way to be attached than the old ones.  So, here I was in the O'Reilly parking lot in a gentle rain, with poor lighting trying to install the new wipers.  Of course, they give you 5 different attachment clips (4 in a plastic bag, and one already attached to the new wiper), none of which look remotely like the one on your old wipers.  On the box it says "Quick and Easy Installation"....that is the first clue that it will be anything but "QUICK" or EASY".  It is always the same.....I struggle for about 15 minutes to install the first wiper, and then suddenly I see how it works, and wonder why on earth it took me so long.  The second one goes on in a flash and you are back in the car out of the rain muttering to yourself.  If you ever begin to feel really good about your intellect, and really sure you've got your stuff together just buy some new windshield wipers and try to install them in less than 15 will be quickly humbled, and wonder how you ever made it to the age of 68.5 years.

 Too many choices.....


So, now it was around 12:30 and we still had over an hour until movie time.....well, right next door to O'Reilly was a Tim Horton's so we went inside to get a cup of coffee, and for me a couple of sour cream glazed donuts.....yum!  By the time we finished with our coffee it was moving on to 1:20 pm so we drove back across the street to buy our tickets to the movie.....

.....which was (drum roll) .....'Solo: A Star Wars Story'!!  We lucked out in that it was $3 Tuesday, so it only cost us $6.  I've seen every Star Wars movie, so in spite of the negative reviews I had been reading I wanted to see it anyway, and we are both glad we did, because we loved it.  I didn't realize until the credits at the end of the movie that Ron Howard had directed it.  I have liked all of his movies.  So, don't let the reviewers deter you from seeing Solo.....this movie fills in a lot of blanks regarding Han Solo, and I thought the story was well told.  I didn't pick up on any political, or social preaching that the 'reviewers' complained about.  To us it was just a an afternoon spent visiting with old friends and coming away with a smile on our faces.  The movie is exactly 2 hours and 16 minutes, and we were walking back to our car a few minutes after 4 pm.

The drive home in the ever present rain went a little faster than the drive into Bangor, and we were home at almost exactly 5 the by.....the new wipers worked wonderfully!  We didn't do a whole lot on our day off from work, but it was just perfect for a rainy day.  Wednesday promises to be dryer, and I am sure there will be some new ground explored.....stay tuned!

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