Sunday, July 1, 2018

Oh the humanity.....I mean humidity!

5:18 am - Sunday - July 1st - Southwest Harbor, ME - 64º F, 96% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the south by southeast.......raining with a forecast high of 75º F today.

And I thought Friday was humid.....I can't remember the last time I was sweating at 8 in the morning.....oh yeah, it was 48 years ago when I lived in East Texas for the summer.  Of course, I am exaggerating......a little bit.  In East Texas 58 years ago it was 95% humidity and 95º F every day of the summer.  It was only 75º F yesterday to go along with the 95% humidity, but humid is humid, right?  It appears the northeast of our great country is enveloped in a heatwave, so that it is only 75º F here is something for which to be grateful, and I am really trying to be so......really.

On Saturdays I am designated as 'Person 3' on the schedule.  There are three people working outside every day of the week in addition to Todd.  We each are given certain responsibilities on those days.  The responsibilities of 'Person 3' are to water all the flowers in the campground if needed, then 'deadhead' them......deadheading is removing all the flowers which have died to make room for those blooming, or about to bloom.  Next up it is the responsibility of 'Person 3' to clean the sites of departing customers, and also do site checks.  On Saturday there were 31 sites being vacated which is more than 'Person 3' can do, so I was assisted in that endeavor by Tammy and Steven at the beginning of the day until it was time for them to gather up the campground effluent and transfer it to the 'transfer' station.  At noon each day 'Persons 1 & 2' clean the restrooms for two hours so from 10 am until after 3 pm I fell to me to finish cleaning the departure sites.  Check in time is 3 pm each day so those sites must be cleaned before that time.  If people do arrive before 3 pm and their site is ready, then we allow them to move into the site early.

I finished cleaning the 31st and last site about 2:30 pm and took a break to drink a bottle of cold water.  So, here I am at about 2:45 pm and 2.25 hours to go until the end of my shift.  I'm tired, sweaty and a tiny bit cranky......what do I do to fill that time?  Well, of course, get out the string trimmer and trim grass.....the perfect ending to a perfectly humid and uncomfortable  Seriously, though, string trimming is a very good way to get to the end of the day.  I just put on the headphones, turn on the tunes and go to it.  by 4:45 pm I had done all the trimming in the 90's and 100's, as well as around the office, parking lot and bathrooms.  I took my gear back to the 'garage' to put it away, then took my cart out back to give it a good bath before driving down to the office to record my time on my time card.

I was home enjoying the deliciously cool A/C and taking a long shower to wash the sweat and grime from by 68 year old body by 5:10 pm.  TLE was home before 6 pm and we began to watch a recorded round of 16 World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay.  It was a very good game in which Portugal controlled the ball about 75% of the time, but they ended up losing 2-1 and thus are out of the 2018 World Cup, and Uruguay moves on to the quarter finals.  Argentina lost their match earlier in the day to France 4-3 and are also on their way home.  There are 6 more round of 16 matches to be played.

Since I had to be at work by 7 am on Sunday I was in bed a little before 9 am dreaming of dry and cool weather, but dreams do not always come true......more humidity in store for Sunday!

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