Saturday, July 21, 2018


6:09 am - Saturday - July 21st - Southwest Harbor, ME - 54º F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM.....partly cloudy with a forecast high of 71º F.  Rain on the way Sunday morning.

Friday three of our four groups departed leaving a mountain of large garbage bags at the appropriate garbage station.  Their sites were, or two small pieces of paper, but otherwise spotless.  Kudos to them for making our job easier in that regard.  We did have to move several picnic tables back to their appropriate spots, but otherwise all was cool.

Our weather Friday was perfect with the thermometer peaking out at a comfortable 76º F accompanied by deliciously delightful breezes.  As we edge slowly toward and into August it appears that our temperatures will continue to hover in the 70's for the next fortnight.....sweet.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report for Friday except our effluent haul to the local transfer station was the largest of the summer so far.  We had to drive the truck under 25 mph to keep bags from blowing off the truck.....we were successful.  During a period of wakefulness last night I calculated that there are 59 trash cans, and 10 recycling cans to empty every single day.  We accomplish that daunting task in anywhere from 30-45 minutes.  On Friday we had an additional 10 bags of trash to pick up which did not fit in our 59 cans for a total of almost 70 large 70 gallon trash bags.

The other deviation from our normal day was to thoroughly clean the pickup bed and cab interior of the company truck.  It was beginning to smell like the transfer station.  We accomplished that task shortly after finishing our daily bathroom cleaning duty, and them Tammy and Alex were off work.  

As has become my daily custom I gathered up my Stihl string trimmer, gas can and extra string and headed out to Group site 220 to trim it as it was now empty once again, then it was off to the tents sites and site 41 to trim the surrounding area until about 4:20 pm.  On the way to drop off my equipment at the 'garage' I made a stop at the office to pick up a Amazon package containing our new Fantastic Fan vent to replace our now defunct 'whole house' fan in the Newell.  I got the one with all the bells and whistles.......$270....remote control, automatic closure it if rains, etc.......

Fantastic Fan vent model # 807350 7350

.......and then headed up to the 'garage' to clean my cart, and drop off my package at the Newell before heading back down to the office to record my time on my time card.....another 8 hours in the books and time to relax.

TLE was home by 6 pm at which time we retired outside on the patio to have a cocktail, and for me a cigar.  Around 6:30 pm I lit the Sea-B-Que so I could grill up an Ahi steak for dinner.  For the first time in a long time we ate our dinner alfresco.  We sat talking and eating until after 7:30 before we headed inside for the I often say....."SWEET".

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