Sunday, July 8, 2018

Nothing but 70's......

5:09 am - Sunday - July 8th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 55º F, 92% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the north by northwest.....sunny today with a forecast high of 75º F.....nothing by highs in the 70's as far as the eye might see.......

Saturday we got everything we had been rain, sun without heat, low humidity which gives us deep blue skies, combined with a gentle, cooling breeze......can it get any better?  Saturday is also the day I take care of all the flowers in the campground, and am also responsible for cleaning all the sites with departing customers.....on this day there were 39.

As is my custom most mornings I walked over to the 'garage' from our site to pick up a golf cart and then headed down to the office to start another work day at SDC*.  Steven, Tammy and Todd were putting the finishing touches on the pool so it could open for business, and Karen was opening up the office.  I recorded my start time.....7:53 am......I had a busy day ahead of me so I got to it.

First up, when I am responsible for cleaning sites I pick up a galvanized bucket for ashes from firepits, a can for trash, a rake, a bucket of water to clean each picnic table, and a wire brush to clean the gas grills at each cabin.  And last, but not least, a Stihl string trimmer to touch up each of the sites I am cleaning.  There are usually only 3-4 sites ready to clean at 8:30 am.  Since people have until 11 am to vacate their sites on their departure day they typically really begin to depart after 10 am.  Once those were done I turned my focus to watering and 'dead heading' the flowers throughout the campground, which takes about an hour.  Then it was back to cleaning sites which took me right up to 11 am and lunch time.

There were two quarter final World Cup games on Saturday.....England/Sweden and Croatia/Russia.  TLE and I decided early on that neither of us would watch either game until after work so we could do it together, so I just read a book during lunch.

One thing I like about my duties on Saturday is I get a day off from cleaning sole responsibilities each Saturday are flowers and cleaning sites, and that pretty much took me right up to 2 pm when I finished cleaning the 39th site.  I immediately turned my attention to trimming grass in the 80's, as well as around cabins 310-318.  I can handle about 2 hours of string trimming on most days (high heat and humidity days will not see me with a string trimmer in my hands).  When I began trimming grass in the 80's I had already been doing some string trimming in each site I cleaned up to that point, so by the time I hung up the string trimmer at 4 pm I was 'gassed'.  

I headed to the 'garage' to clean my cart and 'water' the batteries as I do each Saturday, then made a tour of the campground, finishing up at the office where I took a well deserved break before clocking out just before 5 pm.  I had barely gotten out of the shower when TLE arrived home from work.  I immediately turned on the TV and pulled up the recording of the England/Sweden game.  It was a very good game, but ultimately came down to the English goalkeeper being a little bit better than his Swedish counterpart.  England won the match 2-nil in regulation time.  The second match between Russia and Croatia was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation.  Each team scored one goal in the two 15 minute over time periods which sent them to them to 'kicks from the mark' tied 2-2.  Croatia completed 4 kicks successfully from the mark to Russia's 3 and won the match.  Now on to the semi finals on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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*SDC = Smuggler's Den Campground

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