Wednesday, July 18, 2018


7:39 am - Wednesday - July 18th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 66º F, 96% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the north......sunny today with a forecast high of 79º F.  Rained most of the night and is quite humid this morning.

We awoke to threatening skies and high humidity, as well as forecasts of thunderstorms and copious amounts of rain......the forecasts came true, but well into the afternoon.  We are definitely not fans of hiking in the rain, or in high humidity (I guess that's kind of redundant, eh?) so we stayed home.  We had slept in until almost 8:30 am, and didn't have breakfast until after 10 am.  TLE whipped up a batch of sourdough toast, fried eggs and a lot of well done bacon.....I was in heaven......I hadn't had bacon for a couple of fortnights.

I wasn't in the mood for reading so I suggested to TLE that we finish watching season two of 'The Crown' on Netflix.  I decided I would try to connect to Netflix via the campground WiFi.  I was not very optimistic, whatsoever, but was totally surprised that I could, and not only that, we never had any buffering whatsoever......the streaming was flawless......AMAZING!  I have to say that over the almost 7 years we have been on the road we have never encountered campground WiFi as good as we have here at SDC.....seriously.  About 90% of the time campground WiFi is worthless, and if you are able to connect it drops out continuously.  Not so here at SDC.  

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Jerry Lewis

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Brian Regan

After watching episode 10 of season 2 we decided to binge watch a series by Jerry Seinfeld called 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'.  It was launched in 2012, but I have only just become aware of it.  Each episode is about 9-22 minutes long and features Jerry Seinfeld driving cool, unique cars to pick up fellow comedians, and go out for coffee.  It is actually quite funny, and at times you will find yourself laughing uncontrollably. One of the funniest, for us, was when he picked up Jerry was hilarious, and his episode featuring Brian Regan had me in tears.  They are all funny and I would recommend this as a 'binge project' for sure.

Finally, about 3:30 pm it began to thunder (didn't see any lightning), and then rain, and it rained on and off all evening and into the night.  We went to bed shortly after 10 pm with smiles on our faces.....that is really the best kind of way to end any day!

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