Thursday, July 26, 2018

Le Tour, Ellsworth and shopping........

5:50 am - Thursday - July 26th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 65º F, 100% humidity, wind 15 mph out of the south......raining heavily since 2:30 am.....heavy cloud cover......very, very humid.....forecast for today includes a high of 69º F and rain until early afternoon.

Day two of our 'weekend' got off to a slow beginning, and pretty much remained that way all day long.  The air was oppressively humid outside, which inclined us to remain inside.  Thankfully, it was only in the 60's all day long, otherwise it would have been an A/C day all day long.  We kept our windows closed and our dehumidifier running.....

......we got this little RV dehumidifier in Louisiana our first year on the road.  It really does a good can see here that just overnight the little water collector is 1/3 full.  When it is humid, just as it is now, we leave it on 24/7 and keep the windows closed.  It really dries out the air!  If it also happens to be warm, or hot we run the A/C to help dry the air, and keep it cool.

We, once again, watched another stage of the Tour de France (17th) until noon, and then drove into Ellsworth to do some shopping, get TLE's toenails done, hit the local Goodwill, and then have lunch before heading back to Southwest Harbor......

......while TLE busied herself with a pedicure, I wandered through the local Goodwill looking for something without which life would no longer be possible.....nothing caught my attention, so no life altering decisions had to be made.

I got a text from TLE giving me the 15 minute warning that she was almost done with her pedicure, so I drove back to the shopping center to await her appearance.  From there we walked over to a local outlet store called Reny's.  They are a local Maine franchise and have about 12 stores.  They carry a lot of higher end merchandise by Carhartt, Columbia, Keen, Timberline, Under Armor, HiTech, and many others.  I bought some shoelaces, but that was it.  I'm sure we'll being paying Reny's a visit in the future.

Next up was a 'big' shopping at Hannaford's Supermarket where we filled a shopping this time it was around 2:30 pm and we had not eaten lunch yet, so we found a local pizzeria called Finelli Pizza and Subs (rated at 4 stars by Yelp on over 90 review.....note to self......Yelp is not always right).  They have a very informal ordering  and payment system.  You order what you want, they bring it to you, and after you are done you go to the cash register and tell the cashier what you's all on the honor system.

.....we both ordered a Samuel Adams Summer Ale in a mug to chase our pizza order (mushrooms, onions, black olives and anchovies).  We were told the pizza would be done in 25 minutes, and it was, almost to the minute.  The beer was wonderful, but the pizza was just okay.......
 The beer was perfect......

 .....the pizza....not so much

......the toppings we ordered seemed to an afterthought, however, the crust was good.

We returned home by 4:30 pm to find the interior of the Newell a little warm, so we /turned on the A/C for about an hour to lower the temperature and help our dehumidifier dry the air.  After that it was fine.  We watched some more 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' until 9 pm when I went to bed.  TLE goes to work at 10 am on Thursdays so she stayed up reading for another hour, or two.  About 2:30 am the rains came and continue as I write today's will be 'fun'.

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