Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Monday I have Friday on my mind......"

8:43 am - Tuesday - July 17th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 63º F, 98% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the south.......cloudy, foggy with a forecast high today of 68º F.

Monday is our Friday, and on every "Monday I have Friday on my mind........."......

The Easybeats - 1966

......when you are working 5 days per week you look forward to Friday, right?  As the week progresses and Friday gets closer you begin to think about what you will do on your 'weekend'.  When Friday finally arrives you feel as if you are walking on air.....the day seems to fly by and suddenly you are into your weekend.  You talk about 'sleeping in'......you talk about what you will do after you 'sleep in'......you talk about making the weekend last as long as possible.

All the aforementioned thoughts are going through my mind as I report for work just before 8 am.  The humidity is up and it is giving the early morning air a warmer than normal feeling.  I am concerned it may get too warm, but, thank goodness, that never happens.

On Mondays I work with Tony until 2 pm when he goes home.  Tony is one of my favorite people here at SDC and I look forward to spending time with him on Mondays.  There is rarely ever a break in the conversation, and we laugh a lot about almost everything.  

After we retrieve 25 bundles of wood from the 'back 40' to refill the wood box we head down to the Group sites to check on the porta-potties.  All four group sites are rented, and there are about 100+ people utilizing those porta-potties, so we must make sure they do not get too full before they are emptied. We find them out of paper, and almost full so we notify Todd immediately that a visit from the pump truck is in order.  He takes it from there and we are off to gather up another 24 hours of effluent for transport to the transfer station.

As is often the case when we are getting ready to drive over to the transfer station Todd asks us to pay a visit the McEachern's Hardware Store  on the way back to pick up a few items.  By the time we return it is about 10:55 am and time for lunch.  Tony and I reconvene at the restrooms an hour later for their daily cleansing.  We finish just before 2 pm.....I bid Tony adieu and am now on my own for the last 3 hours of my 'Friday'.  If you are a frequent reader of my blog you know what is coming next.......I retrieved the Stihl string trimmer from the 'garage' and went to work.  That effort took me to about 4:15 pm.....time to put away my tools and spend some quality time cleaning my golf cart.

I clock out (4:51 pm) exactly 9 hours after I clocked in (7:51 am).....subtract an hour for lunch and you've got another 8 hour work day in the books.....of course, on Mondays, my work is not quite done.......I am night manger on Mondays, and will be returning around 7:40 pm to close the pool for the evening, and do the fourth water test of the day to be sure the PH and chlorine levels are where they should be.

TLE has prepared an Alfredo Casserole for me to heat up for dinner, and after a nice, long hot shower I put it in the toaster oven at 350º for 20 minutes.  I get out an Atlantic Brewing Company Summer Ale to chase the Alfredo, and spend the next 20 minutes dining whilst watching American Pickers......life is good!

I get dressed again around 7:30 pm and am out the door to walk down to the office to retrieve the office golf cart before working on the pool.  I am greeted with fog rolling in from Southwest Harbor.........

.......that fog would linger all night long and into Tuesday morning.  I'm feeling pretty good after completing my 10th work week here at SDC, and hang around talking with TLE after closing the pool, and making my rounds of the campground........we lock the doors at 10 pm, and TLE begins to count down her drawer.......

The 'countdown'

.......we are in the golf cart heading home by 10:10 am.....we enter the Newell with big smiles upon our collective faces.....thanks for stopping by!

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