Monday, July 2, 2018

Status quo......

6:08 am - Monday - July 2nd - Southwest Harbor, ME - 61º F, 93% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the east....cloudy with a forecast high of 66º F.  

Sundays save me each week.  I look forward to working on Sundays even though I start at 7 am.  Sundays are more relaxed with no weed whacking, no lawnmowers, no blowers, no special projects.  On Sundays our job is to just maintain the status quo, and that is what we did.

Sunday's humidity was about as high as Saturday's, but it was overcast which helped to mute its feel and effect.   A subtle difference to be sure, but one that is not lost on this SoCal boy.   

The campground is getting closer to 100% occupancy....I would say it is in the low 90's percentile right now, and will absolutely be 100% by July 3rd, or 4th.  In spite of the high occupancy rate SDC remains quiet at night.  The one big difference between TVC and SDC is location......TVC is located 4 miles from the Nevada stateline and gambling casinos.  It's location certainly accounts for a slightly different clientele.  SDC is located on the so called 'Quiet Side' of Mount Desert Island and that makes all the difference.  The popularity of Bar Harbor attracts the biggest crowds.  Its streets teem with thousands of tourists moving from shop to shop, while the streets of Southwest Harbor teem with 100's.

I arrived at the pool just before 7 am to find Todd and Tammy already in full swing getting the pool ready to open.  Pool attendance has climbed sharply with the rise in temperatures and humidity, and it takes more work to keep its water clear and inviting.  Once the pool was finished Todd went home for the day leaving Alex, Tammy and myself to soldier on maintaining the status quo.

There is no single thing about Sunday that really stands out to me.   It was just a pleasant work day.  Since I began work at 7 am I was off at 4 pm instead of 5 pm.  TLE had the 2 pm to 10 pm shift so she was just barely on the job for two hours when I headed for the Newell.  She very kindly left the A/C on for me so when I entered the air was already cool and dry.  I immediately changed clothes and sat down to watch the second half of the Croatia/Demark World Cup game.  The morning game (Russia/Spain) had ended in 'kicks from the mark' when the game remained tied 1-1 after the regulation 90 minutes plus two 15 minute overtimes (120 minutes in all).  'Kicks from the mark' has each team alternately taking 5 kicks from the penalty mark to determine the winner.  Russia won 4 made kicks to 3 and eliminated Spain from the World Kick.

The Croatia/Denmark game ended regulation plus two 15 minutes overtime periods also tied at 1-1.  Denmark was favored to win this match, but ultimately Croatia won 3 kicks to 2.....the story was the amazing goalkeeper play in which the Denmark keeper stopped two kicks from the mark only to be outdone by the Croatian keeper who stopped 3....what a great ending to a great game!

I went to do the pool water tests around 7:30 pm, and closed the pool just before 8:30 pm before heading back to the Newell after making a couple of rounds of the campground to be sure all was in order, which it was.  I returned just before 10 pm to do one more round, and then pick up TLE from the office to ferry her home for the night.

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