Tuesday, July 10, 2018

8 weeks and 4 days........

7:55 am - Tuesday - July 10th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 63º F, 96% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south  by southwest.....sunny with a few clouds and a forecast high of 74º F.....chance of rain later today.  Oh yes.......the Tour de France began this past Saturday.  I have been recording each stage (there are 21 stages in all) and then watching them after I get home from work each day.  Since I am off today I am watching it 'live'.....sweet!

I am so thankful the weather changed last Friday from hot, humid and miserable to cool, rainy, and breezy......idyllic to say the least.  Since Friday the temperatures have been in the low 70's and the skies have been clear, and the deep blue to which we are accustomed has returned.  Thankfully what we experienced last week is the exception not the rule, and it appears that we will be blessed with another 14 days of similar weather.....no complaints here for sure.

As Monday's go this particular Monday was no different than all the other Mondays.  There was morning coffee, site cleaning, garbage collection, a visit to the transfer station, and more daily restroom cleaning.  At 2 pm, when Tony left for the day, I drove up to the 'garage' to fetch the mulching lawnmower, and my favorite Stihl string trimmer.  My task was to mow the grass around cabins 310-318 (five cabins in all) and then clean up with the string trimmer what I could not get with the mower.  I had been through there a few days prior with the string trimmer to get the worst of it, but after mowing there was still some trimming left to do.  That took me up to 4 pm.......2 hours of mowing and string trimming is all my old bones can tolerate in a day, so I hauled my grass clippings down to the mulch area in the back of the campground, dumped them, and then headed back to the 'garage' to put away my equipment and wash my cart.

It was now 4:15 pm and I had 45  minutes left in my day.  I took a couple of turns around the campground in my golf cart, answered a few customer questions,  sat and listened for a few minutes to the live music (Lee Southard) we provide every Monday afternoon from 4 pm to 7 pm.  By then it was almost 5 pm and time to call an end to another work week at SDC......

The fire watch tower on Beech Mountain

.....as is my custom, and also my job, on Sunday and Monday evenings I returned about 7:30 pm to do the pool water tests, cover the pool, and then make another couple of turns around the campground before heading for home for the final time this week.  TLE had the 2 pm to 10 pm shift, and was home just after 10 pm.  Since we had no work on Tuesday we stayed up until about 11 talking about our week, and our plans for our days off work.

We just passed our 8th week here at SDC this past Saturday, so about 3.5 months to go in this adventure.  We are both doing well, in good spirits, and thoroughly enjoying our time in northeastern Maine.  For those who may be interested in getting a complete overview of Acadia National Park please click on this link to read Nick Russell's recently published blog post aptly entitled 'Acadia National Park'.

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