Monday, July 16, 2018


6:14 am - Monday - July 16th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 61º F, 100% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the southwest.......cloudy with a forecast high of 70º F.  It's our 'Friday'.....YAY!

Sunday began cloudy and ended also ended with SDC at 99.9% occupancy.  Tammy and I spent the morning with Alex helping him clean sites.  There were only 21 to clean on this day and we had all but 10 done by lunch time.  Whilst Tammy and I worked on the bathrooms Alex finished the 10 sites and then joined us in finishing the men's side.

Since we don't make a run to the transfer station on Sunday's Tammy and I deferred the trash collection to 2 pm.  By the time we had put the last bag in the dumpster it was almost 3 pm and time for Alex and Tammy to head home.  I still had one more hour so I got my Stihl string trimmer and headed down to site 113 (occupied by our night manager Deb) to trim up the grass around the 5th wheel.  I was almost done when a gentleman from site 110, right across the road, approached me.....I turned off my trimmer, and took off my headphones.....he said my trimmer had thrown up a rock and shattered his driver's side window.  At first I thought he was just kidding, but then I looked across the road, and sure enough it was......

.......big OOOOPS!  Even though my eyes were seeing the evidence I was still in disbelief, because in over 30 years of operating various types of string trimmers around my home and other places this had never happened to me.  Sometimes I get hit by rocks thrown directly up by the trimmer, but I had never seen a string trimmer throw a rock some 30-40 feet and break anything.  At any rate, I was trimming with my hearing protection head phones and didn't hear the window shatter.  He was visibly angry, and I totally understand why.....I'm sure I would have been upset, too.  Ultimately he calmed down after I assured him I would report it to the owners and that they would take care of  everything......not the way I expected Sunday to end!

4 pm came none too soon, and after I put away my tools in the garage I headed down to the office to record the incident in our 'book', and then punch the clock......just as I was about to record the time on my time card a gentleman came in saying there was a wasp nest under their RV site deck.....okay, so I'm not getting off at 4 pm.  I headed back to the 'garage' to fetch some wasp spray and headed to site # 117 to exterminate the pests.  Now it was about 4:10 pm and I was once again poised in front of the time clock to record my time when another gentleman came into the office asking if I could trim a couple of branches from a tree in site #71 as they were pressing against his patio awning.  I once again returned to the 'garage' to get a ladder and long handled pruners.  That took another 10 minutes, but finally I was inserting my time card into the time was 4:24 pm......time to head for home!

I watched a recording of the 9th stage of the Tour de France while I ate dinner, and took a nap.  I was on my way back to the pool area about 7:40 pm to fulfill my duties as night manager.  Once the water tests were done and transmitted to Todd for review I toured the campground on the office golf cart.  During the afternoon three large groups of high school age kids had arrived (with appropriate adult supervision) and were everywhere.  I was concerned about what the noise levels would be later in the evening and determined to return again at 9 and then 10 pm to be sure everyone observed quiet hour which begins at 10 pm here.  Normally I make a tour of the campground around 9 pm and then go to bed.  On this night I did make the additional 10 pm rounds and found all to be well.  I picked up TLE form the office and we headed home for the night.

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