Monday, July 9, 2018

Flamingo time........

6:10 am - Monday - July 9th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 57º F, 99% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the south by southwest....partly cloudy with a forecast high of 72º F.

Each Sunday for me begins at 7 am at the pool.  It takes just about an hour to clean the filters, run the water tests, skim, vacuum and sweep the pools.  As soon as the sun creeps up over the trees bordering the pool you can feel the temperature jump about 10 degrees in 'feel'.  A little after 8 am we are sitting, once again, in the office having our morning coffee and discussing what we will be doing the rest of the day.  Tammy and I will assist Alex cleaning sites until about 9:30 when our attention will turn to garnering another day's worth of customer effluent.  This takes us to just about 11 am and time for lunch.

After lunch it is time for Tammy and I to clean the restrooms one more time.  By the time we finish TLE is just arriving to begin her 8 hour shift (2 pm to 10 pm).....I have two more hours until I am done for the day.  Tammy and I spend about 40 minutes installing reflective numbers on the cabins so customers will be able to find their cabin in the dark, and then it is time for me to fix the cable TV box in site #82 which had broken just before lunch.  This takes another 20 minutes, and now it is time for Tammy to head for home leaving Alex and I an hour to get out the flamingos and install their metal rod legs in preparation for the annual Flamingo Festival (July 13th to 16th) here in Southwest Harbor.  Within a few days we will see 'flocks' of flamingos all over town.  Alex and I assemble about 40 flamingos and then head out to distribute them throughout the campground....... we deploy our 40 flamingos we notice that many of our customers have also deployed theirs........

......there is a parade, and various running events.....a good time is had by all!

By the time Alex and I finish with the official flamingo installation it is after 4 pm and time to call it a day.  I had about 3.5 hours before I would return for about an hour in my 'night manager' capacity to close the pool for the evening, which includes another round of water tests, as well as make a quick tour of the campground to be sure everyone is quieting down for the evening.  I managed to capture my first sundown since arriving here at SDC......

......unless you are on top of one of the local mountains it is difficult to catch the setting sun.

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