Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"I am not doing anything today!"

7:48 am - Wednesday - July 4th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 75º F, 78% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the north by northwest......sunny and already pretty warm.....forecast high for our National Birthday will be 83º F.  Happy Birthday America.....number 242!

I slept in until after 8 am, and TLE until almost 9.  We had predetermined Monday that Tuesday was going to be a "I am not doing anything today" day.  There were two good World Cup matches to watch and we were going to watch every single second of each game.  The first match between Sweden and Switzerland began at 10 am and finished just before 12 pm with Sweden winning 1-nil.....either team could have won......both had numerous opportunities to score, but only Sweden was able to put one in the back of the net.  We had two hours until the next game between England and Columbia....what to do?

A couple of weeks ago TLE had ordered a new immersion blender, but when it came there were two.  We only need one so we needed to return the extra one and get our $50 refund.  In order to accomplish that we needed to print a return label, and then find a UPS store, or an affiliate where we could get it scanned and shipped back to the seller (Amazon).  The closest store was in Bar Harbor.  Once you print the return label you must get it delivered to the shipper within 24 hours, and we were quite sure no one would be open on July 4th so we had to make the drive over to Bar Harbor to drop off the package on Tuesday.  We were both sure traffic would be bad, but in reality it only took us a little over 15 minutes to reach Bar Harbor.  In all the round trip drive took about 40 minutes......not bad at all.  All that being said, it's a good thing we didn't need to find a parking spot.....there were none.

Next up was a quick stop at the Southwest Food Mart in Southwest Harbor, and then another one at the Liquor Locker to pick up some adult beverages.  We were back at the Newell by 1:20 pm and getting ready to watch the next World Cup match between England and Columbia.  It promised to be a good match, and was it ever.  England scored early in the 2nd half on a penalty kick by Harry Kane, and that was still the score as the game entered 5 minutes of 'added time' at the end of the 2nd half.  Columbia scored on a great header with about 2 minutes left in 'added time' to tie the match and that was how it ended.  The next step is two 15 minute overtime periods, which are not sudden death, meaning all 30 minutes will be played regardless of goals scored.  Well, no goals were scored in the 30 minutes of overtime so the next step was 'kicks from the mark' be clear, I hate 'kicks from the mark'.  I hate to see any soccer match ended on what is tantamount to a coin flip.  In the end England won 4 kicks to 3 moving on to the quarter final round which begins on Friday.  England will play Sweden on Saturday.

By 2 pm we had turned on our A/C.....not because it was hot, but because the humidity had risen into the 90 percentile, and it remained on the rest of the afternoon, and into the evening.  The A/C dries out the interior air and makes it so much more pleasant.  When we went to bed a little after 10 pm we turned the A/C off and left the windows closed.  Our little RV dehumidifier keeps the air dry throughout the night and keeps it comfortable.  We learned this trick when we were in Louisiana back in our first year on the road during the month of was not hot, just humid.  

We lived Tuesday just as we had planned, and it was a great day spent doing nothing!  Sometimes 'nothing' is just enough......

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