Friday, July 20, 2018


6:06 am - Friday - July 20th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 54º F, 94% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the north by northwest.....sunny with blue skies and a forecast high of 76º F.  I was going to say I slept like a baby, but babies wake up like 6 times a night, right?  So, I will instead say I slept like a content adult. 

The weather Thursday was just spectacular!  It seemed like it was 70º F all day long.  When the weather is that perfect work almost seems incidental.  Being outside becomes its own reward, and the hours seemed to fly.  As is often the case we spent the morning filling up our wood box with 17 bundles of wood, then helping Tammy clean some of the 15 sites with departures, then switched over about 9:45 am to loading another 24 hours of trash into the company truck for transport to the local transfer station followed by a quick stop at McEachern's Hardware Store to pick up some carriage bolts and super glue for Todd.  We were back in the folds of SDC at 11 am.....time for lunch!

Again, the afternoon began with our usual two hour stint in the campground restrooms making them clean once again.  We were finished with the men's restroom by 1:35 pm and took a break.  Around 2 pm I headed up to the 'garage' to paint a picnic table which had been repaired that morning by Todd......four of the five planks had to be replaced with new pressure treated ones.  It took me about 45 minutes to apply the required two coats of stain, and then I was free to gather up my Stihl string trimmer and head down to one of the unoccupied group areas, site # 210 specifically, and spend the rest of the afternoon trimming the grass.  The group sites are quite large and have 6 wood framed gravel pads for tents.......there is no way to get a mower in there so all the grass must be trimmed via a string trimmer.

I finished with site # 210 about 4:15 pm and returned my equipment to the 'garage' and then set about giving my golf cart a thorough cleaning.  Once I was finished with that I drove down to the office to retrieve the office golf cart to give it a good cleaning.  That endeavor brought me hard up against 5 pm, and quitting time.  I drove back down to the office to deliver the now clean office golf cart, punch my time card, and pick up my weekly paycheck.  TLE would follow me home an hour later.

Combined, TLE I net (after taxes) about $850 per week here at SDC, or about $3,400 per month.  Not too bad.  Our bank account is beginning to swell with the fruit of our hard work this summer.  After Thursday we have 14 paydays left in our tour of duty.

I grilled some pollo asado for TLE who converted the finished product into street tacos for dinner.  As I ate I watched the ending of Stage 12 of the Tour de France which was another mountain stage.  Total distance ridden on Thursday was over 110 miles with much of it involving long, painful climbs.  The final climb to the finish line for Thursday was over 10 miles in length and featured gradients of 12% or more in stretches.

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  1. Hi Clark and Elaine,
    I am not signed up on Google, but I catch up with your blog every few months, having read it on and off for a few years.

    I will in fact be in Bar Harbor at family cottage week of July 30, and wondered if could buy you both a cup of coffee. Am sure we'll be driving around the island and could come to Southwest Harbor. Let me know if that is something you'd be interested in (I didn't see your email address on this site to contact you directly).

    1. Ahhhhh, so sorry I did not see your comment until today! Normally I am notified by Blogger when there are comments to be moderated, but just found out there were over 30 comments to be moderated going back over 2 months! Would have loved to have met you!


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