Friday, November 22, 2019

2 Inches.....

6:44 am - Friday - November 22nd - Ramona, CA - 40° F, 97% humidity, wind - CALM......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 65° F.

When I left off writing about Wednesday I predicted the water would be flowing over the spillway in 1-2 days.......

 Wednesday afternoon....↗

......well, it was less than 12 hours until that happened.  Apparently, according to reports, we received 2 inches of rain in the 2+ day storm which translated into a 7-8 foot rise in the water level in about 48 hours......

Thursday morning......↑ 

 Lake Lorenzo is back to normal!

......the pool has been closed since Monday evening, and it was still closed Thursday morning when I went to do the tests.  I pulled a bunch of large leaves off the bottom of the pool, and liberated 4 frogs from their impending watery grave.

I hauled a bunch of debris that Rich had pulled from the spillway area Thursday morning up to the storage area, then turned my attention to building the fuel station I wrote about a few days ago.  The interim rain event precluded me from doing any construction, but the rain had abated enough Thursday that I was able to put it together......↴

.....I finished it just before 3 pm.  The cabinet was procured from the shed which is within the 'backyard'.  It wasn't being used for anything so I repurposed it to store the gas cans upon.  No we can access the gasoline without standing on our heads.  I scavenged around the 'backyard' and maintenance building to come up with the materials for the rain deflector/sun shade.  The two pavers came from my collection up in the storage area.  Not a dime spent on materials.

After dropping TLE off at home I went back to the pool area to retrieve a squeeggee to begin to push the water off mini golf holes 1 and 2 so when the sun comes out on Friday they will have a better chance of drying out by the weekend.  By the time I finished it was almost 4 pm, and time to put my tools away and head for the 'barn'.

 It rained a few times for 1-15 minutes during the day, but I managed to remain mostly dry.  Nevertheless, by the time I reached home I was cold and looking forward to the warm interior of the Newell.  TLE had turned on all the heaters  when she got home at 3 pm, so it was nice and toasty when I walked in the door a little after 4 pm.

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