Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Eve.....

7:30 am - Thursday - November 28th - Ontario, CA - 46⁰ F.....raining now.....rained a night, and will continue to rain all day.....forecast high today is 50⁰ F.......the view this morning........↴

Wednesday......Thanksgiving Eve......was a work day for us.  Originally the weather forecast called for rain by 8 am, but in reality it did not begin to drizzle until after 12:30 pm just as TLE and I were going to lunch.

My work plan for Wednesday, assuming it was going to be raining early, was to spend my day working in the maintenance building putting away all the electrical supplies we had removed from the CONEX two days prior.  It was the perfect rainy day project for me, and by lunch time I was pretty much finished with maybe another hour of work.....

.....all of the stuff that was in the front room is now on the shelving we moved from the CONEX, and easily accessed, and the front room is now much less cluttered.  I spent another hour after lunch breaking up a bunch of cardboard boxes, and hauling them up to one of the recycling dumpsters, then punched the clock.  TLE and I were home by 2 pm getting packed, and ready to drive up to Ontario for Thanksgiving.  By the time we left it was raining quite steadily, and we found I-15 jammed with motorists making their way to their Thanksgiving destinations.  In all it took us 3 hours to make the 108 mile drive to Ontario.

We spent a couple of hours talking with Tim and Laila, and enjoying their son Crosby who is now 10 months old and accordingly addorable!

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