Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Deviant behavior.....

7:04 am - Tuesday - November 26th - Ramona, CA - 38° F, 97% humidity, wind - CALM......clear, blue, cold skies this morning with a forecast high today of 64° F.  This view this morning........↴

Monday was as different a Monday for me as you could possibly imagine.  The only routine thing the entire day was I did the pool tests, and pulled out a few large leaves, but from there the entire day was a deviation from the norm.  After the pool I headed up to the storage area where I met Rich at the CONEX (large shipping container) which was used by the electricians who set up our new electrical system to store their tools, and supplies.  They cleaned everything out that was theirs, and what is left now belongs to us.....unused cable, and various electrical components.  At some point in the next ten days the rental company will be here to retrieve the CONEX, so we needed to get it cleaned out as soon as possible.

We used our new to us 2011 Ford F150 to move those items down to the maintenance building where they will be stored until needed.  Before we could move those items into the building we had to clear out the rear room of the maintenance building, which prior to this day has been used as a general catch all storage room.  Much of the stuff in that room is not being used, and will not be used again including a large wooden desk, and some old flat screen TV's.  Once everything was removed off the desk and from the room we proceeded to cut the desk into pieces using a circular saw to it could be more easily hauled out of the building, and up to the large roll away in the storage area with the other refuse which we were throwing away.

Next we hauled the refuse, including the desk parts, up to the roll away, and then proceeded to remove the now empty wooden shelving in the CONEX down to that room in the maintenance building and then fill the shelves once again with the electrical stuff.  That will be a good rainy day project, and since we have a lot of rain forecast for the next couple of weeks I'll be getting to that sooner than later.

Rich and Marnie bought pizza for lunch (Thank you!) which we consumed a little after 12 pm.  After lunch Larry (the owner), Rich and I headed up to the roof of the office building to find where rain water has been ingressing and seal those areas.  That took the rest of the day, and it was quite messy working with the black tar like sealant.  Thankfully, I changed clothes for this task and was wearing an old pair of shorts, and an old t-shirt.  I'm not sure if we found the areas that were leaking, but we will find out very quickly when the next storm arrives Wednesday morning.  Personally, I think the only way we will solve the leaking problem is to have the entire roof 'hot mopped'.....we'll see.

And that was my Monday......thanks for stopping by!

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