Monday, November 11, 2019

Life on the 'lido deck'.......

7:08 am - Monday - November 11th - Ramona, CA - 39° F, 96% humidity wind 3 mph out of the east by northeast.....forecast high for to day will be 81° F.

We made a game time decision Sunday morning to take the day off from exercise.  TLE wanted to defrost our Dometic fridge, go shopping, and get the wash done so it was an easy choice for her.  On the other hand I only had to wash the Beetle, and dump the black tank so I had an easy day.  Once those two tasks were completed I was able to retire to the 'lido deck' to watch some NFL football.  With the daytime temp topping out at 82° F it was a perfect day to relax, and take a long nap......I even finished reading another book in the process.  We keep talking how in about a month, or so we will look back fondly upon these idyllic, balmy days of November, but for now we are just enjoying the heck out of them.

Over the weekend I exchanged numerous texts with my brother and sister-in-law (Glenn and Laureen) detailing the trouble shooting they have been doing on their 1984 Newell to rectify a few issues they knew about when they bought the coach, plus one that came up after they got home.  They are making good progress in rewiring their ignition which went south after they returned to Texas, and solving the air leaks in the air system, and are getting ready to replace all four of their electric heaters, all in preparation for our travels to Alaska this summer.  They are a good team, and I am proud of their patience while trying to solve these problems, and their bravery for tackling them.  They have gotten a lot of help from me, as well as from my friends on the Newell Gurus forum, and are well on their way to becoming true Newell Gurus.

By 4 pm it was beginning to cool off quickly on the 'lido deck' so we repositioned ourselves back inside for the duration of the late afternoon/early evening.  After sundown I went outside to take a couple of pictures of our outdoor environment to demonstrate how great it looks now.....

.....especially after dark.  This is one of those rare occasions where the pictures really do the subject being photographed justice.  Even though our 'lido deck' is totally open air, it feels very private, and significantly expands our living area, all while enhancing our quality of life.

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