Saturday, November 23, 2019

The place of the fish.....

8:46 am - Saturday - November 23rd - Ramona, CA - 54° F, 65% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south.....sunny, partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 70° F.

For the past 3 nights our water tank has lost about 7,000 gallons of water overnight.....way, way beyond the norm for the middle of the we notified all the residents of RORVR that we would be shutting down the water system from 9 am to 12 noon to look for, and fix the leak.  Before all the festivities got underway I was sent to site #51 to read the meter.  As soon as I arrived there it became quite apparent where the leak was.  The same sprinkler valve we had trouble with about 10 days ago was now gushing water at a prodigious rate, and flooding site #51 (the tenant was out of town this week).  How we missed this on Thursday I have no idea, but there it was.  Fortunately, it was an easy fix.....since we have not been using these sprinklers for a couple of years we (Rich and I) just removed the defective valve and capped off the pipe.....took about 25 minutes, and no more leak!

 The leak was right across the street from our site

Once the mystery of the disappearing water was solved it was basically a normal short Friday.....I finished removing water off another couple mini golf holes, then retrieved the blower and blew the leaves off all 9 holes.  The pool did not need cleaning, so I just fished out a few leaves, and suicidal frogs, then spent the rest of my morning clearing the interior roads of leaves and gravel (not much dust due to 2 inches of rain this week).

We were off work at 1 pm, and on our way into Ramona around 2 pm to do some 'junking', take TLE to her chiropractic appointment......

 More building murals

.....and then head directly to 'El Michoacan (prounounced Mitchwacãn) to enjoy some authentic Mexican food from the Mexican state of Michoacan.  This restaurant is about 3 doors off Main Street, and is truly a hidden culinary gem.  I had been telling TLE about this little Mexican restaurant my friend Claude Banker and I had eaten at about 12 years ago when we spent the night in Ramona whilst on a 350 mile multi day bicycle tour.  I could not remember the name, or location of this restaurant, but while discussing a possible restaurant at which to have any early dinner several people, including Marnie (our office manager) said this was the place.  As soon as we walked in the front door I recognized the interior from 12 years ago, and the food was as good as I remembered......

El Michoacán (pronounced Mitchwakãn
is one of 31 states in Mexico.  Meaning: 'The place of the fish'

Michoacán, Mexico

 Our table

 Magical chips and salsa

Giant fireplace was about 3:30 pm when we entered, and the restaurant was empty of customers (a little early for the dinner crowd), but we were shown immediately to a table, and within minutes had ordered our drinks and food.  I ordered #50 (what I had 12 years ago....two shredded beef tacos and a chile relleño), and TLE #14 (fish taco and chile relleño).  I kept looking for this restaurant when we would drive through town, but I never saw it because it was just off Main Street.  This was, by and far, the best Mexican food we have eaten since we arrived in Ramona, back in April.  I chased my food with a couple of Negra Modellos.

We were home a little before 5 pm with smiles upon our faces, and thus began our 2.5 day weekend....thanks for stopping by!

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