Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What a day!

6:57 am - Tuesday - November 12th - Ramona, CA - 41° F, 86% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 84° F.

What to do on a Monday now that I am done with the fence project?  Well, there is always the pool, which did need attention Monday in spite of my 4 hour effort on Friday.  There was the moderate wind  we had most of the day Friday that sort of undid my early Friday efforts putting me back where I began Monday morning.  By 11:30 am I had finished with the pool, and it looked the best it has looked in a month....a month of Santa Ana wind events.

The horseshoe pits had received some moderate use over the weekend, and needed work, as well as the mini golf course.  Our patrons 'kindly' left golf balls, and clubs scattered about the course.  A side note here......all children under 14 years of age are to be supervised, in person, by an adult 18 years, or older.  So, either the youthful players we unsupervised, or their adult supervisors did not care.

By the time I finished with the mini golf holes it was lunch time.  Now that we are on winter hours TLE gets off work at 3 pm, so after lunch she only has two hours left in her work day.  In the afternoon I helped Rich recharge the sand filter for the Jacuzzi, which took about an hour, plus three 75 pound bags of pea gravel, and 12 bags of #20 sand weighing in at 50 lbs each to complete.....I handled all 12 of the sand bags, and 1 of the pea gravel bags, so I got a good workout.  I also spent time blowing the dirt, gravel and leaves off the short road up to restroom #1, as well as the sidewalk around the entire restroom.  I deployed more squirrel bait around the park.  I would say about 70% of the squirrel holes are now inactive, so the bait if working.  I was having a serious issue on the site #22 path I built with squirrels undermining the trail, and my squirrel bait efforts have begun to bear fruit there, also.  There area still a lot of squirrels around the park, but it is no longer the overwhelming numbers we saw for most of the summer.

I finished my work day blowing leaves off the area around the kiosk and security gate, and was able to put away my tools just before 4 pm.  Another nice work day at RORVR!  I was home a little after 4 pm to find TLE making minestrone soup in her Vita Clay pot, and the aromas from same wafting out to the 'lido deck'.....we'll have that soup Tuesday after it has had a chance to mello overnight.  For dinner Monday we had TLE's famous burritos.

The MNF (Monday Night Football) game featured the 7-2 Seattle Seahawks at the 8-0 San Francisco 49ers....the last undefeated team in the NFL this season.  It turned out to be a game for the ages with Seattle prevailing 27-24 on a 42 yard field goal as time expired in the 10 minute overtime period.....go 'HAWKS!

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  1. Sounds like your really getting the parking ship shape. I bet they are really happy to have you and Elaine. I'm in Washington now till December 9th visiting the family. Wasn't that Seahawk/49er an amazing game? Wowser....So happy for the Hawks and all the fans.